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Unknown Birth Time

Birth Time Rectification

The exact time you were born is a key element of your Natal Astrology Chart. It becomes especially important for predictive work, when just 4 minutes of time adjustment can impact timing for future events by a full year. That’s a long time for Cinderella to wait at the ball! Here’s what we need:

  • A close approximation of your birth time. Someone in your family may remember what they were doing when you were born such as getting home from school or waking up to the news of a younger brother or sister arriving. There may be records kept in a family bible or baby book that will give you clues.
  • A list of 6 to 12 life events with dates and times that were particularly dramatic or life changing. The more traumatic events are the ones that will stand out in your chart, but all events are important to include.

With this data, I work to compare charts to life events and come up with some potential birth times. Then we are ready for your Rectification Reading. Through an interview process, we talk about your life in general to further pair down the options. You will receive a Natal Chart and Report for your rectified birth time after your reading.

Although we can’t be 100% sure of your time, we will be very close. By watching how current events unfold, we will get closer and closer to validating your exact time, and through our continued communication and relationship we will be able to more closely forecast future events.

Having the ability to forecast your opportunities and challenges through your unique Astrology, provides you vital information to help you better prepare for the energies that are entering your life and to feel more empowered and confident.

Rectification Projects are priced individually and can range between $150 and $300.00