Astrology can help you.....

  • Find your unique purpose in life

  • Solve a problem or set a goal

  • Time an important event

  • Improve relationships

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I was skeptical about how well the stars can “predict” the upcoming events, but it is extremely accurate.  In addition, Gina is intuitive and very helpful in interpreting the meaning of it all.  Have a birth chart done to see if you are on the path that was intended for you!!  It’s fun and exciting and helpful when planning major things.  – Joyce, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Before my reading with Gina Jones, I had little familiarity with astrology.   I was amazed by what Gina Jones could garner about my life when I had just given her the bare minimum of details: my birth date, my birthplace, and my birth time.  I still don’t know much about astrology, only that Gina Jones is a master of it.

Her readings provide a guide for you to find the highest path in your life.   For example, the theme for my reading was that I needed to give up to get to where I was going.   This was certainly true in my case, but knowing that it would help me on my path gave me peace of mind.

Besides a general reading, Gina Jones can do a relationship reading where she lays your chart over your partner’s, and vice-versa.   This type of reading I found most useful.   Once again, Gina’s knowledge of my primary relationship was astounding considering the little information I had given her.   She pointed out things in my relationship with my lover that were true, but that I had never taken the time to consider.   For example, she noted that we are great communicating about the big things, but often mis-communicate about the small.   Acknowledging this has allowed us both to work more on our daily communication.

I heartily recommend Gina Jones for astrology readings.   I find her advice so invaluable that I have gifted her readings to my closest friends for their birthdays.  – Maureen, Nomad

Wow!!! What else can I say except that Gina’s skills of intuitiveness, listening and communication are above and beyond even the highest of expectations. When I was given the birthday reading as a gift, I didn’t know what to expect. The  information and the analysis felt as if she knew me better than I  knew myself, which was a bit true. She revealed information that was ‘written in the Stars’ and explained and validated much of what has happened in my almost five decades of life, relationships and even my career. It was as if a bright light was turned on and I could SEE  that so much of my life”s decisions, choices, and occurrences now all made so much more sense. Some were almost as if they were destiny waiting for me to follow and her information confirmed a lot of my own feelings. It felt so good to hear someone else tell me what I had felt and thought for a very long time.

I was hooked.  I then did the transit reports and, once again, was befuddled with its accuracy. It helped me to know what was coming in the months ahead.  As I learned to work with the information, I was able to prepare and then be proactive about making the changes the universe had coming. It helped me with legal issues, relationships, parenting and family cohesiveness.

I had the birth charts done for both my teenage boys and their responses were….awesome !!  We are using it to help my older son who is deciding on colleges and his near future. The information is invaluable and I wish that every school did this for all high school children. It would really help pave the way for them and give them some guidance.

I have recommended her to friends and colleagues and they have had similar experiences. She is a joy and a pleasure to work with and her intuitive abilities are weaved into the reports which add a level of depth that you feel as if she has been with you since you were born.

Enjoy your journey and this tool for making it a much more pleasurable one!!!!

– Dawn, Tampa, Florida

For my friends who are into astrology: my friend and fellow coach, Gina Errico Jones is an astrologer. For the second year in a row, I just had Gina do my solar return chart. Y’all, she is AH-MAZING at this! She breaks it all down in a way that is so easy to understand. If you’ve ever thought about having your chart done, I highly recommend that you talk to Gina!
And….it looks I’m in for a few wild years! Guess I’d better strap in for the ride!

– Vikki, Mission, Kansas

Thank you for today’s session. It was insightful, validating, revealing but most of all meaningful. It was an honor and a pleasure. I look forward to working with you and becoming all I am meant to be.

– D, Orlando, Florida

Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words. Having this information and your many insights have helped me ground a bit more. Many thanks for everything.

– M, Quito, Ecuador

Thank you so much for all your help this past year. The information and encouragement you gave me has been great to lean on during tough times.

– NK, Tampa, Florida

Gosh, I hope your ears have been burning the past few weeks, because I’ve just been raving about you and our session. You’re a gem!

– DN, Burbank, California