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Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology Reading

Relationship astrology unlocks the reason why we join our energy with others and can tell you a lot about why you are with your significant other, friends, and family members.  A natal chart reading gives you an understanding of your needs and motivations for engaging with others as well as your strengths and the baggage you bring in to relationships, which can help you enjoy your relationships more fully.  However, the benefits are exponential when we get more specific through a relationship chart reading between you and a significant person in your life.

This reading includes a review of the relationship houses in your Natal Charts, the planets involved in relationships, and any other influences that impact your efforts to connect with others, and then more specifically between the two of you.  We discuss where your planets align, your strongest bonds, and where there is tension. We look at communication styles, emotional needs, and what you need to feel safe, secure, and successful with your partner.

Click here to schedule your relationship reading.  Please include birth date, time, and location for each individual as well as any specific questions.  You will receive an electronic copy of your chart and a report, and you are welcome to record the session.

Couples or Other Friend or Family Member Reading with 1.5 Hour Consultation     $280.00

***Both partners must agree to providing personal birth time information and having their chart read by an astrologer, but both are not required to be present at the reading.  If this is not the case, then see Singles Reading below, which can still be very informative when addressing a current relationship.

Wedding Day Reading

The moment the officiant says, “I now pronounce you married,”  a cosmic reaction takes place as two souls join together on Earth and in the Heavens.  Your marriage astrology chart gives you a clear picture of the purpose for your marriage as well as the details such as how to handle disagreements and challenges as well as the strengths of your relationship and how to use them to your advantage. As you expand, grow, and create a life together, all of the planets have a role to play in helping you be successful till death do you part.

If you have been married for a very long time, relationship astrology can help confirm and validate what you already know, as well as give you new insight into ways to keep the flame alive, take a different approach, or understand how and why your relationships is changing “for better or worse.”

Click here to schedule your Wedding Day Reading.  Please include both partners birth date, time, and location, as well as the date, time, and location of your wedding, and any specific questions.  You will receive an electronic copy of your chart and a report, and you are welcome to record the session.

Wedding Chart with 1 Hour Consultation    $160.00

This reading makes a super gift for a newly married couple, especially as a first anniversary gift, which is traditionally made of paper.  The chart can be framed, they receive an interpretive report, and a one hour personal reading.  Click here to contact me for more information.

Singles Reading

I know….you’ve read every self-help book out there, you’ve tried every dating site and have been set up on so many blind dates you’ve lost count, and you still haven’t met your soul mate. I hear you, because I was right there with you not so long ago. Relationship astrology is focused on bringing celestial awareness in order to help you validate and understand past relationships and prepare yourself for new relationships by creating a relating profile that identifies your needs, your astro-type, communication style, roadblocks, and resources.  You will even learn where to look for your new love and when!

This reading includes an in-depth analysis of your Natal Chart from a relationship perspective using the houses and planets involved in the process of relating to learn how to use your highest potential to manifest the best possible relationship for YOU.  We look at the timing of past relationships, how they started, and how they ended to identify the planets in your chart that are most involved in partnering, and then look for transits that provide you an entry point for a new relationship.

Click here to schedule your Singles Reading.  Please include your birth date, time, and location, as well as any dates, times, and locations for significant relationship events in the past such as a marriage, divorce, moving in or out of a shared home, etc, and any specific questions.  You will receive an electronic copy of your chart and report, and you are welcome to record the session.

Singles Natal Chart with 1 Hour Consultation  $160.00

Family Astrology

Working with families is one of my favorite areas of relationship astrology, because there is always such a strong connection between parents and children, siblings, and even distant relatives. There is a story playing out between the charts, and everyone plays an important role in the family dynamics. The advantages of knowing what those roles are and the strengths and challenges of each member of the clan can be a life changing way to inspire, encourage, and help everyone feel valued within the family setting. Each individual contributes to the whole, but also has their own unique path in life with their own needs. Knowing how to nurture each other, value talents and abilities, and appreciate in ways that are personally meaningful gives each person the greatest gifts of all….the self-confidence to express themselves, preparation for life experiences, and a motivation and excitement for personal growth.

There are lots of ways to approach this type of astrology, because every family is different and at different life stages.  You may want to look at the parent child relationships, how each child views their parents, (which may or may not be how they actual are), what type of discipline is best, and how to make a child feel safe and secure in their daily life and during big transitions.  You may want to explore a specific area of your child’s life such as health, activities, education, social life, or career options depending on their age.  You may have questions around changes in personality or behavioral changes that have suddenly appeared and how to manage through “a phase.”  The options are endless and the reading can be tailored to you and your family’s needs.  Click here to schedule your Family Astrology Reading.

Family Astrology Chart and Consultations starting at $280.00 for 2 Family Members