Astrology can help you.....

  • Find your unique purpose in life

  • Solve a problem or set a goal

  • Time an important event

  • Improve relationships

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Natal Astrology Chart Readings

Natal Astrology Charts

The Natal Astrology Chart Reading is ideal and recommended for new clients. It focuses on reviewing the position of the planets at the exact moment you were born, especially the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign.  We explore your natural gifts, talents, and potential in all areas of your life as well as the challenges you encounter and the lessons you are learning on your path.  This reading includes a 1-hour consultation to review your chart and answers any questions you have for a specific area of your life such as relationships, career paths, health, family situations, spiritual and life purpose, etc.  You receive an electronic copy of your chart and report, and you are welcome to record the session.

Click here to schedule your Natal Chart 1 hour interpretation.  Please include your birth date, time, and location, and any questions you may have.

Natal Chart with 1 Hour Consultation     $160.00

Add-on 30 Minutes to Session                  $80.00

Add-on 30 Minute Mini Transit Reading   $80.00

Add a personalized Horoscope Report to have your major transits on a convenient timeline – click here for more info.

Child’s Natal Astrology Chart

As parents, we are always searching for books, resources, and advice to understand our children, their development, and how to help them be successful with each step in their journey towards adulthood.  What if there was a unique instruction manual available to you?  Wouldn’t you want to have that on your bookshelf?  Astrology is the manual!

This reading includes a 1 hour consultation to review your child’s natal astrology chart where we explore their natural gifts, talents, and potential in all areas of their life as well as the challenges and lessons they are learning.  The reading is tailored toward gaining an understand of your child’s life purpose and path, how they relate best to you and the rest of the family, how to motivate and inspire them, and how they prefer to experience discipline.  By knowing your child’s astrology, you bring consciousness to the process of parenting, your guiding hand becomes stronger, and your relationship with your child is joyful and fulfilling. You receive an electronic copy of your child’s chart and report, and you are welcome to record the session.

Child/Teen Natal Chart with 1 Hour Consultation  $160.00

You can choose to upgrade this reading to include an in-depth analysis of your unique relationship with your child through a comparison of your chart with theirs.

Child/Teen Natal Chart including Relationship Analysis and 1.5 Hour Consultation   $280.00

Click here to schedule your Child’s Natal Reading.  Please include birth date, time, and location and the type of reading you are interested in experiencing.  Children can attend the reading on a case-by-case basis – let’s discuss.

This reading makes a great gift for new parents and gift certificates are available for baby showers and expectant parent gifts.

Energy Astrology Chart and Reading

The order of your planets by degree can help you understand how you approach anything and everything in your life.  This unique reading guides you through each of your planets regardless of where they reside in your chart as well as how they talk to each other in sequence and the amount of time it takes for the conversations to happen.  You may have found yourself frustrated in the past when you have an idea that you just can’t seem to get off the ground – or, just the opposite – you start projects, relationships, jobs, etc., and found you didn’t have the energy to follow through on your initial action or motivation.  By learning about the roadblocks in your chart and how long it takes for the energy to manifest, you can feel confident and relaxed about the timing of starts and stops, overcome the challenges, and/or find ways to work around them instead of being frustrated.  This reading is simple to understand and can be used as an everyday tool.

Click here to schedule your energy chart reading.  Please include birth date, time, and location as well as a brief explanation of the situation you want to use as an example.

Energy Chart with 1 Hour Consultation  $160.00