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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter June 1 – 15, 2019

New Moon in Gemini
Reach out and touch
Somebody’s hand
Make this world a better place
If you can 
-Diana Ross

New Moon in Gemini – Jun 3 – Set Goals and Intentions

Every New Moon brings together the unconscious with the conscious and emotions with the ego for the same mission, which in Gemini involves the mind, information, and social networks. This New Moon in Gemini is intellectual, social, clever, and curious. You can set intentions for how and what you communicate, learn something new, or collect information for your goals or projects. Assess your role in your social circle, your interactions with friends and acquaintances, and the things you like to do with them.

Do you want to be more social?  Do you need to find friends who share your interests or want to try a new activity with you?  Have you lost touch with someone you really enjoyed and want to reconnect?

Reach out and touch those you care about and reach out to those you care to get to know better.

No two things are ever exactly alike, and the Gemini energy helps you use your powers of discernment to see the similarities as well as the differences.  If there is a situation that you need to understand from both sides with an objective less emotional approach, then this is a good time to analyze, observe, and sort it out. However, once you create your pros and cons list, you may not make a decision, because you can see the potential in both sides or the amount of info is just too overwhelming, and you need time to process. There’s magic in the details as long as you don’t get lost in them.

This Lunar Cycle, you may want to break routines, change things up, and keep busy with a multitude of activities and tasks, and you get a lot accomplished, especially in the area of life where this New Moon falls in your Natal Chart.  

Call a friend for coffee, use your imagination and mind, don’t try to stick to schedules or timelines, ask questions, and use your relationships to talk things out if you encounter issues or blocks.

Mercury to Cancer Jun 4 until Jun 26 – Communication & Intellect

When Mercury moves into Cancer, we ride the waves of our thoughts, which are connected to our emotions. Communications and conversations become more sensitive, kind, personal, and quiet. Your intellect slows down and is more intuitive, thoughtful, meditative, and reflective. 

The information you gathered while Mercury was in Gemini needs to be mulled over and absorbed. Take your time.  By slowing down the process, you may remember something you learned long ago, someone from your past reappears to help you with what you are working on today, or a member of your family volunteers to help. In fact, communicating with family is a focus, and there is the bonus of being able to cooperate and understand what others need to feel comforted. Just be careful of compromising too easily in the effort to please others and sacrificing your own needs.

Meetings are best held in safe and familiar surroundings without distractions. Others are in the mood to really listen, so you can take the stage and lecture away as long as there is a good flow of information and limited subject matter.  There is a sentimental emphasis, and using historical examples and memories of the past is a way to set the tone for what you want to accomplish going forward.  

You and others may take things too personally or become overly defensive, so be careful of stepping on emotional land mines.  You can use the Cancer energy to easily pick up on the moods of the group or individuals – for fair warning in tense situations or to better use your influence when the environment feels friendly and open.

Venus to Gemini Jun 8 until Jul 3 – Relationships, Female Energy, and Money 

When Venus moves into Gemini love and relationships become lighthearted, flirty, social, chatty, and intellectual. Appreciate others with words of validation and affirmation, and recognize them for their brainpower or for providing you what you need. Go out to socialize and network with your existing circle and be open to making new and interesting connections as well.  

It is a good time to have a casual conversation about your relationship and include a bit of humor to keep things from becoming too serious. Avoid the deeper issues, but give some clues as to where they lie to potentially solve things before they get more emotionally intense or crabby when Venus goes into Cancer at the end of the month.

You may shop till you drop and come home without a bag, because you are unable to decide what to buy, or you go ahead and buy something you couldn’t live without but hate it when you get it home. You may also decide to buy two of everything! Window shopping may be the best approach to all emotional and financial decisions.

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