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Gina Jones, The Horoscope Coach – April 29, 2019

Saturn joins Jupiter and Pluto in backward motion until September. Read on for the details…..

Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde

Saturn in Capricorn Turns Retrograde Apr 29 thru Sep 18  – Life Lessons, Structure, and Limitations

When Saturn moves backwards, there is a shift in energy, and you have the opportunity to review all the lessons you have learned and experienced since Sep 2018.  You have been doing some serious work related to your personal growth and development in whatever area of life Saturn is transiting in your chart, with the ultimate goal of facing reality and living more authentically. 

During the retrograde, you may be more introspective, take a step back and think about where you feel blocked or stifled, and/or plan rather than execute. Identify where you feel restricted or limited by people or circumstances in order to put a strategy in place to move through blocks and get to where you want to go once Saturn turns direct in Sep. 

When Saturn is in Capricorn, a sign he rules, he is the ultimate life coach and helps you see your life as a business. The energy is traditional, useful, tangible, and you can use it to commit to your life and anything in it. He creates structures and rules in order to protect and enhance your life and pushes you to take responsibility for your actions. You face reality and recognize the positive or negative consequences of the choices you have made. Saturn holds you accountable, and there is opportunity to learn your lessons and achieve personal growth and long-lasting, permanent change. 

If you have planets in Capricorn, then you are more intensely impacted by Saturn traveling through this sign, and you may work harder than you ever have before, finally achieve long-term goals, or persevere through a tough problem and overcome obstacles. The good news is that you have a strong Saturn to work with, the earth element helps keep situations grounded and less dramatic, and you have practical tools at your disposal to get you through this time.

Remember that Saturn’s job is for you to encounter events, people, and interactions that allow you to reach a new level of maturity in your life and build stronger foundations. If you need help navigating this important transition, email me for a reading. Current clients should go back and read the Saturn description in your “What’s Happening Now” section of your astro-report to remind yourself of your Saturn lesson this year.

Happy Birthday Taurus

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