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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter, Jan 1 -15, 2019

Mercury moves into Capricorn just before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the same sign, so listen to the messages you get as you start this New Year. Uranus leaves Aries, which he won’t visit again for another 84 years! Venus enters Sagittarius to bring some adventure to love and romance.
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Mercury to Capricorn

Mercury to Capricorn Jan 4 until Jan 24 – Communication and Intellect

As Mercury moves into the sign of Capricorn, communications and thought processes become more serious, logical, clear, and structured. Conversations are more direct and to the point. So sharpen your pencil and put your New Year’s resolutions to paper.

My Mercury in Capricorn has been accused of being “too direct” at times! This Mercury uses nouns and verbs…..who needs lots of extra adjectives and fluff when there is a job to get done and a goal to meet? You may only speak when you have something really important to say, but your furrowed brow may say it all anyway.

Meetings are best when held in a structured environment, with a clear agenda that addresses practical issues, and you need to get to the bottom line quickly. Recognize others for taking the lead, finding efficiencies, being strategic, and just general competence.

It can be difficult to clear the mental activity from your head, but the mind wants to get down to business and get through your to do list, so put your brain to work rather than trying to force it to rest. If you have a project that you need to think through before moving it forward, then use this energy to take a realistic, thorough look and put a plan in place that provides just the right approach.

New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Jan 5 – Set Intentions for New Beginnings

Every New Moon brings together the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. Your ego and conscious, the Sun, and your emotions and unconscious, the Moon, meet up for the same mission. The New Moon is a powerful time to set the wheels of the Universe in motion and to use this alignment within yourself to set intentions and manifest your ideal life vision.

An Eclipse brings the same opportunity to use the lunar cycle to set intentions in the way you do every month, but there is added emphasis, force, and strength to the energy as well as the possibility for abrupt endings and sudden new beginnings. If the eclipse directly aspects your chart, then you can expect a major story to start within about two weeks of the eclipse and end six months later at the next set of eclipses.

When the eclipse is in Capricorn at the start of the New Year, you may want to consider what mountains you want to climb in 2019. If you have had your annual reading, then you know the area of life that is your primary focus this year, where you are directing your emotions, and the changes that are most easily made as well as the ones that are more challenging. It is a good time to set your resolutions for the unfolding of your year, and to make a plan for each New Moon in 2019 based on where it falls in your chart and the area of life it is influencing that month. Your New Moon Guide was included in your reading.

The Capricorn New Moon honors your history and past achievements and allows you to work forward from this foundation. You approach the area of life ruled by Capricorn like a job…. sometimes you like your job and sometimes you don’t, but regardless, you have to get the work done in the most efficient and productive manner possible given your natural talents and abilities.

Authority figures are highlighted, whether it is your boss, your father, or being your own boss/parent, so examine how you use and react to authority in your life and look for opportunities to lead or follow depending on your situation. It may not be the easiest place to deal with in your chart, but it is where you feel most empowered and accomplished when your preparation and hard work comes together and pays off.

Although some of us would like to slam the door on this past year and nail it shut, we can’t always completely leave the past behind. Capricorn helps us sort through what is relevant, practical, and of real value. When the eclipse happens, it is like the lights go out and then back on again, and you are able to see with new eyes, so use this Moon to see reality and appreciate the good things that happened this year. There is always good news to balance the bad; we just have to put ourselves in the right place, frame of mind, or with the right people to actually hear it.

What was the good news in your life this year? Find it, and take it with you into 2019!

Uranus in Aries

Uranus Direct in Aries Jan 6 until Mar 6 – Revolution for Evolution

Uranus creates a revolution for your evolution and rocks your world. When he changes direction there is a huge shift in the energy, which is most pronounced starting the week before and continuing the week after. Turning direct or forward is an opportunity for learning and dealing with major change, especially related to the house in your Natal Chart where Uranus is transiting. Current clients should re-read your What’s Happening Now Section in your Astro-Report to remind yourself of the role Uranus is playing in your life right now.

Know that sudden shocking, ah-ha moments bring awareness to where you need to make changes in your life. Watch for situations that occur at the very beginning of the shift to understand what you will devote your time to changing using the understanding you gained during the retrograde. Welcome changes and unexpected events that bring the opportunity to constructively adjust your perceptions, beliefs, and life. Resisting can result in a match being lit under you or being knocked over the head to get the lesson, so be as open as possible.

Globally, Uranus changing direction has been in concert with the timing of earthquakes, violence and tragic events in the world, so be extra cautious, especially when you feel that something or someone is about to go off.

Uranus will not be in this sign and this area of your chart again in your lifetime, so make sure you get the lesson before he leaves in March.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus to Sagittarius Jan 7 until Feb 3 – Feminine Energy, Relationships, Finances and Values

As Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius she gets feisty! Love, relationships, and shopping become great adventures, because when she finds something or someone she wants, she sees the target and shoots forward.

You want to grow and expand through your relationships by learning and experiencing new things and sharing everything with your partner. Show your love to others by providing a non-judgmental space for them to express their opinions and beliefs, tell them you understand how they feel, and give them encouragement to pursue their interests.

Be in love with life, give yourself and others lots of freedom to explore, embrace spontaneity, and keep interactions fun and lighthearted. It’s your life, so go live it!

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