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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter, Feb 1 – 15, 2019

Venus in Capricorn works hard for her money. There is a New Moon in Aquarius that extends a humanitarian helping hand to those in need. Mercury in Pisces gets ready for his next retrograde, and Mars moves into Taurus for some dig in and get it done supportive energy. Read on for more…..Venus in Capricorn

Venus to Capricorn Feb 3 until Mar 1 – Love, Relationships, & Finances
As Venus moves into Capricorn she works hard for her money and relationships, she is woman with a plan, and she runs her life like a business. Romance is less spontaneous, love takes a more sober and serious turn, and this is a great time to make a commitment to a lover or have a conversation about where your relationship is headed.

Show your love by taking control of the things you are good at and allowing your loved ones to shine when doing something they do well. Words of affirmation go a long way to make others feel valued and appreciated, so give authentic validation to recognize their contributions to your work or personal life.

Use this energy to explore what you desire in love and money from a grounded and mature perspective. Call in the experts to give you advice, use your resources to get the support that you need, and build a strategic plan that gets you to your goals using the most productive and efficient route. One little word, DISCIPLINE.

The appeal of this Venus lies in the security that comes from having the basic support structures of your life firmly in place. Whether it is having a relationship with a partner you can count on through thick or thin, a solid value system that acts as a guide as you create the rest of your life, a fulfilling career that provides income, or a financial plan that serves your needs now and well into the future, you need a foundation that allows you to feel secure as you go about the rest of your business.

New Moon in Aquarius Feb 4 – Set Goals and Intentions
Every New Moon brings together the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. Your ego and conscious, the Sun, and your emotions and unconscious, the Moon, meet up for the same mission. The New Moon is a powerful time to set the wheels of the Universe in motion and use this alignment within yourself to set intentions and then manifest your ideal life vision.

The Aquarian House in your chart is where you want to be part of a team but still remain a unique individual and stand out from the crowd. You don’t settle for anything considered normal or traditional, and you may be pretty stubborn about doing it any other way but your own. There is an opportunity to connect in with your groups and understand how your unique individuality and that of others contributes to the whole. There is a larger thing happening here on planet Earth, and you have a part in it!

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury to Pisces Feb 10 until Apr 17 – Communication and Intellect 
As Mercury moves into Pisces be very aware of the messages you receive, because this is the sign of his next retrograde on Mar 5th, and you may get a hint of your upcoming retrograde story. It might be hard to hear, because you feel like your ears are blocked, so listen using all your senses instead of relying on your normal perceptions.

Communications and thought processes are more compassionate, imaginative, creative, and less direct. Conversations are deep, sometimes silent, but everyone is more in the mood to really listen to each other. The mind wants to dream a new dream, escape reality, and find the bigger possibilities by breaking through the usual boundaries and barriers. The intuitive energy is strong, so use your gut and physical sensations in your body as your guidance system.

Meeting settings should consider the environmental factors both positive and negative, because attendees will be sensitive to absorbing the energy they feel in a particular setting. Discussions could go either way…..the group may be very talkative with lots of feedback, or they may say very little, so feel your way through and go with the flow of the group dynamic.

Agendas should be simple with not too many objectives, and topics should be directed toward things that require a creative, open minded less linear approach without too many details, facts, and figures. There may be a tendency for yourself or others to say and do what is expected or what others want in the effort to make everyone feel comfortable and not offend or be hurtful through words or actions. Be willing to leave things open-ended rather than forcing a solution or plan, because you can figure it out for yourself once Mercury moves into Aries in early March.

Mars to Taurus Mar 9 until Apr 21 – Action, Male Energy, and Motivation
As Mars moves into Taurus actions are more considered, determined, and grounded, and you may feel like you are plodding along as you slowly and steadily work toward where you want to go.  It takes a lot to get yourself and others worked up or angry (or off the couch for that matter), but when it happens, the bull starts huffing and puffing, stamping its hooves, and gets ready to charge the opposition.

The area in your chart ruled by Taurus is generally where you like to feel secure and to live the good life, or your efforts in this area allow you to do so, but it is also where you have the least amount of flexibility around how and what you do. For example:  you may not be a stubborn person for the most part, but if you have Taurus on the 10th House of Career, those you work with may think that you are immovable once you are committed to a goal or idea, and they know to just let you lead them down the cow path and into the barn.

To use this energy positively, get up and go to a place that makes you feel connected to the abundance of life on Earth through nature, art, sensual experiences, romance. dancing or listening to music.  The bull works hard and plays hard, and you may want to experience or do something that makes you feel rewarded for your achievements.  Taurus uses all its senses, so stop to smell the roses, see the beauty around you and improve on it if you can, listen for the call of the wild, taste the sweetness of life, and feel the warm, spring breezes wrap you in their embrace… is good.

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