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Gina Jones, The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Dec 15 – 31, 2018

The Sun moves into Capricorn for a month of hard work. The Full Moon in Cancer helps us connect with family and enjoy our time together. Mars moves into a new 2-year cycle as he returns to Aries, a sign that gives you some get up and go! Read on for the details…..

Sun in Capricorn

Sun to Capricorn Dec 21 until Jan 20- Mission
When the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn life becomes one big project, and we become laser focused on wrapping up our last minute holiday preparations. You know just what you need to do, the resources to use, and the right people to call, and others are willing to pitch in and help do their part.

We all have a job, and we all want to do it the way we think is right! We feel particularly protective of our traditions and rituals and have a desire to recognize and honor our history and the past. Have you ever tried to change a family recipe for a holiday meal? If so, you know that it may not be well received by your guests, who are expecting things to be the same as they always were way back when.

Once the holidays are over, life feels more stable, and it’s back to work with a practical, no frills approach and the persistence to climb all your mountains. You go after your New Year’s Resolutions with the abundant energy of someone who hasn’t gone to the gym in a year. Capricorns have the most potential for following through on their resolutions and are always willing to try, try again, so if at first you don’t succeed…..find a Capricorn friend to help push you along.

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer Dec 22 – Manifest

With the Full Moon in Cancer, home and family become the focus of our manifestation efforts.  The Cancer area of your chart is where you treat everyone like family. This can happen through your role as a parent, a career such as nursing or the food industry, or simply treating others in a motherly way.  You can use this Full Moon to honor the nurturing piece of your highest self to take care of yourself and others.

The Moon in Cancer takes a more sentimental approach, and sharing stories, memories, and pictures of the past may be a strong theme, especially related to remembering and keeping those who have departed from your life front of mind and close to your heart. This Moon wants to stay attached to the family connections that hopefully feel stronger over the holidays, but the Capricorn Sun is all business and urges you to stick to routines and may treat the holidays like a job.

Work/Life balance is a theme, because the Moon highlights the needs of your family and personal life, and the Sun exposes your desire for success out in the world.  You can use this Full Moon to consider the ways you can feel good about both without sacrificing one for the other.

Back in June, there was a Full Moon in Capricorn, which you used to manifest something in that sign and house in your chart, now this Moon wants to manifest something in the opposite house.

Where do schedules, deadlines, and commitments get in the way of nurturing yourself and others? What area of life do you need to feed in order to feel satisfied? Where can you honor your ability to nurture and use these skills to their highest potential?

Take some time to consider how the Cancer/Capricorn energy unfolds in your chart and find ways to balance them in your life to bring more harmony between the two.

Mars to Aries

Mars to Aries Dec 31 until Feb 14 – Action, Male Energy, and Motivation
As Mars moves into Aries, he is taking charge in a sign that he rules, and actions are more impulsive, aggressive, and militant.  Everything moves faster…time, anger, decisions, innovation, so look for ways to tap into fresh, new ideas, do things that you’ve never done before and in ways you’ve never done before, and welcome spontaneous people and activities into your life.  You may start lots of things without actually finishing anything, but that’s ok.  When we get to February, you can decide what is of value and what you want to continue working on.

This is a time to stand up and take solo action and use the present moment to your advantage rather than relying on what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  I had a leader at Disney, who always said to pick your battles AND pick the right time to fight your battles based on when others are open to solving the same issues or challenges.  Why spend your time trying to light the fire when you could be fanning the flames of the one that is already lit?  You get so much more accomplished with less frustration if there is already a spark or a battle in progress. Look for these types of opportunities, release pent up energy through physical motion, and take time to watch the fire burn.

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