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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter November 1 – 15, 2018

Uranus in Aries

Uranus Retrograde into Aries Nov 6 until Mar 6 2019 – Change
Uranus creates a revolution for our evolution and rocks our world. When he changes signs there is a shift in the energy and while traveling backward there is an opportunity for revisiting what you have learned related to dealing with major, unexpected change in your life as well as the changes that are happening around you in the lives of others and in the world.

Uranus continues his retrograde journey back into the sign of Aries for one last visit that doesn’t happen again in this sign for 84 years! Watch for situations that occur at the very beginning of the shift to understand what Uranus is going back to finish in your life when he left Aries for Taurus in May.

November 6th is a big day in America! Can you feel the tension? Let’s just say the results of the election could be very surprising in ways that we can’t expect to understand until it actually happens. Uranus will continue backward until January 6th and then finish up the story as he leaves Aries again in March for his eight year, uninterrupted journey through Taurus.

For you personally, know that sudden or shocking ah-ha moments brings awareness and the opportunity to constructively adjust your perceptions, views, and beliefs. I would ask yourself where in life you need more freedom, because Uranus will give it to you, ready or not, especially related to where he is transiting your Natal Chart. There is an opportunity for a major breakthrough in this area of life, so avoid resisting the energy, which will force Uranus to light a stick of Aries dynamite in order for you to get the lesson.

*Current clients should re-read the Uranus section of your 2018/2019 Astro-Report to remind yourself of the role Uranus is playing in your life right now.

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 7 – Set Goals and Intentions

The New Moon brings together the unconscious with the conscious and emotions with the ego for the same mission. In Scorpio, the Moon asks, what are you deeply passionate about, and are you willing to do what it takes to have that passion fulfilled?

The Fall season brings changes all around us…. the weather, the leaves on the trees, time, wardrobe, etc., and the change process is contained in Scorpio’s powerful trans-formative, and regenerative process. Is there something that needs healing, renovation, a complete re-do, or rebirth in your life?

Thoughts become things, but in this case, it is the thoughts that come from a place we have to consciously try to understand before we can bring awareness to them. Are there negative or unconscious thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Release dark emotions, feelings, or patterns of behavior in order for your growth and development to continue. Use your inner guidance, a psycho-analytic approach, and metaphysical activities to help determine what needs to change and how to change it.

The Scorpio energy can help you make long-lasting, profound, and life altering changes, decisions, and new beginnings, so take the opportunity to set intentions to align your inner world with what you want to manifest in your outer world.

Jupiter to Sagittarius

Jupiter moves to Sagittarius Nov 8 until Dec 2019 – Growth & Development
When Jupiter changes signs, there is a big shift in energy – think of the size of Jupiter! While Jupiter was in Scorpio for the past year, the energy was more introverted, personal, and private, and transformational changes allowed you to get closer to your spirit and find deeper meaning in your life. Spiritual growth, personal discovery and healing may have occurred as well as the opportunity to solve deeper issues, release toxins, secrets, and pressures that stemmed from psychological influences or past experiences.

In the world, Jupiter in Scorpio is believed to be the catalyst of the #metoo movement and the unearthing of long held secrets and the misuse of power. Sexuality falls within the realm of Scorpio, and our cultural beliefs and societal standards have been challenged by the revelations as more and more people have stood up to claim who they are and begin to live more authentic lives.

Did you have your own #metoo moments? Have you claimed your essential self and now feel the need to live more authentically? Have you received the gifts of going deeper into your personal psychology to understand how secrets or past conditioning impacts your life in the present? If so, then you are ready for Jupiter to move on to Sagittarius where you can choose to make these transformational experiences a part of your higher purpose and new life philosophy.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, a sign he rules, is our ultimate planetary professor, mentor, life coach and preacher, who deals with growth and self-development. He has a greater concern for life philosophy, higher education, foreign travel and cultures, and anything that helps us understand our place in the universe. Everything has a teaching and learning element as he brings beneficial events, people, and opportunities to you, even if it doesn’t always feel so good at the time. You will see the synchronicity of these events and situations manifest over the next 12 years.

Jupiter makes everything bigger, and in Sagittarius, you will experience the gift and lessons of abundance. You may pursue spirituality in a more structured and focused manner that is motivated by a quest for truth. There is a tendency to operate in absolutes and a lack tactfulness, because truth is valued above all else, which can result in heated debates and bruised feelings.

We come to understand that truth is subjective, and what is true for one is not true for another. Just look at the dialogue we are having around #fakenews. The media, social circles both on-line and personal, and past conditioning and current beliefs influences our truth. We must practice what we preach or alter what we believe in order to be consistent with what we practice. This is a life long journey as we evolve individually and in the collective.

Jupiter traveling through this sign will more significantly impact you if like me you have planets in Sagittarius, especially the Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign.  You may experience very positive and joyful events, find your personal guru or become one, and use positivity as your gift to persevere through tough problem and overcome obstacles. The force of the optimist is strong, the spirit of the adventurer will guide you on your journey, and some extra fire energy and rocket fuel helps you get where you want to go and beyond.

Think back to what was happening 12 years ago to understand the opportunities you have to use this positive energy while Jupiter is again traveling through this area of your chart and life. Current clients can re-read the Jupiter section of your 2018/2019 Astro-Report to remind yourself of the specific role Jupiter is playing in your life right now.

Mars to Pisces

Mars to Pisces Nov 15 until Dec 31 – Male Energy, Actions & Anger
As Mars moves into Pisces, we all become more accepting of others and find ways to consciously unite to address big societal issues. Activism shifts to a more compassionate, charitable approach that comes from the depths of oneness – knowing and seeing ways that we are all connected no matter what seemingly separates us such as country boundaries, lifestyle or cultural differences, or which side of the aisle we sit on. Unconditional love and support becomes a much more effective way to motivate yourself and others.

Mars does not like being in Pisces, because it is more difficult to express intense emotion, energy, and take decisive action. This sign is concerned with Ying and Yang and pulses one to the other to ultimately achieve balance through the dance of light and dark.

This is a passive energy, so you may simply sit back and watch things happen around you, but don’t close your eyes too tightly, speak too softly, or set yourself too far above the other humans around you – stay engaged.

Spend time in the space of creativity and imagination and enjoy conscious raising, meditative, and spiritually soothing activities. Do copious amounts of yoga, make your Kundalini stronger, and know the Universe supports you 🙂

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