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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Nov 15 – 30, 2018

The Nodes of Fate challenge us to find our balance between home and work for the next 19 months. Venus turns direct as Mercury turns retrograde making this a bit of a topsy, turvy time. The Sun moves into Sagittarius, the sign of let’s have a party, and the Full Moon in Gemini helps us to connect to our social circles. Lastly, Neptune turns around in the sky and parts the clouds to bring some momentary clarity.
Read on for the details…..

Work Life Balance

North Node to Cancer/South Node to Capricorn Nov 16 until Jun 2020  – Fate and Destiny 
The Nodes of Fate change signs every 19 months. They represent where we are headed and initiate a new cycle related to the houses they are transiting in your Natal Chart.

The North Node in Cancer brings home and family into focus in terms of our greater destiny and fate.  The Cancer area of your chart is where you treat everyone like family, describes the family you came from, and points you in the direction of where you can find your extended family or clan. This sense of belonging can happen through your role as a parent, in a career such as nursing or the food industry, or in general, the way you nurture yourself and others. During this time, integrate your nurturing qualities and honor this piece of your highest self in order to create your best life.

The South Node in Capricorn is where we are releasing something that may not serve us in our efforts to achieve the goals of the North Node in Cancer. Capricorn is all business, and it needs to feel in control and take responsibilities seriously. This is the side of you that treats life like a Fortune 500 company and has difficulty being dependent on others. During this time you are being asked to let go of over-managing your life or the lives of others, to relax your high standards and expectations, and avoid defining success through the eyes of society or professional status.

Think back to the end of May, when the Full Moon in Cancer may have given you a hint of what you would work on in terms of your career and family life. Where do schedules, deadlines, and commitments get in the way of nurturing yourself and others? What area of life do you need to feed in order to feel satisfied? Where can you honor your ability to nurture and use these skills to their highest potential?  Take some time to consider how the Cancer/Capricorn energy unfolds in your chart and find ways to balance them in your life to bring more harmony between the two.

Work/Life balance is the theme, and this shift highlights the needs of your family and personal life, while exposing your desire for success out in the world.  Your inner success is the priority rather than blind ambition. To find the external success you desire, you must first build strong foundations at home base and recognize that inner achievement can be just as important as external more visible successes. Consider ways you can feel good about both family and career without sacrificing one for the other to achieve greater happiness, balance and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Globally, I like to look back to when the Nodes last entered Cancer/Capricorn, which was in April of 2000 to see what may come up as stories during the nodal return to these signs. We can see how far we’ve come as well as how much work is still left to do. Cancer rules home, homelands, patriotism, breasts, women, mothers, families, etc. Capricorn rules government, corporations and corporate activities, leaders and leadership, large organizations, big money, etc. Here are some of the news stories for April – June 2000:

  • The heads of North and South Korea hold an unprecedented diplomatic effort to heal cold war conflict
  • The repercussions of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal and impeachment
  • US seeks break up of Microsoft
  • Vermont approves same sex unions and a Gay Rights parade in Washington celebrates progress
  • Gun makers sue to block controls and Mom’s march for gun control
  • New Russian president is sworn in…..Vladimir Putin
  • Israel withdraws from Lebanon
  • South Carolina removes confederate flag
  • Army cancels general’s appointment due to sexual harassment charges
  • House votes to lift trade curbs from China
  • Jobless rates lowest since 1970
  • Thousands flee New Mexico fires
  • Saline breast implants approved
  • Two winners share record lottery jackpot
  • Elian Gonzales is returned to his father and goes back to Cuba
North and South Korea, Israel and Lebanon continue to clash. Trade agreements with China were in the news then and now. Are there companies like Microsoft that are becoming monopolies? Amazon? Our definition of family continues to evolve through understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation. Guns, guns, guns…. They were a problem 18 years ago, and still we march. A new cycle for Vladimir Putin, now a seasoned leader.

Sexual harassment has evolved into the #metoo movement. Bill and Monica then, and now her docuseries is being released. Where do you think her Nodes of Fate are in her Natal Chart….Capricorn/Cancer! The affair was certainly fated and part of her destiny, but now she is choosing to acknowledge it and tell the story from her experience and in her words to help shape the historical narrative.

Jobless rate is again at a low point. Fires destroying homes and families. Record lottery winnings. The more things change, the more they stay the same? There is work to be done personally and globally in this Cancer/Capricorn cycle.

Venus in Libra

Venus turns Direct in Libra Nov 16 until Dec 2 – Feminine Energy, Relationships, Finances and Values
At last Venus ends her retrograde. What has been your Venus Retrograde story? Has a long lost love showed up on your doorstep? Have you considered new ways to handle your finances? Are you in touch with what you truly value in your life? Have you set priorities around what’s really important to you? She is turning direct in the area of your chart that wants to partner with others to make the transformational changes she desires and will once again work on when she returns to Scorpio on Dec 2nd.

While Venus is in Libra, you can use the powerful Law of Attraction to your advantage to bring love, money, beauty, and anything you truly value into your life. Thoughts become things, describes the energy available to help you manifest and create successfully, especially in the area of life ruled by Libra in your chart. This is a mental rather than heart centered connection, because there is a tendency to think rather than feel emotions.

For finances, use this time to balance your accounts and create a budget that supports both your foundational needs and your more indulgent desires.  You may find you are ready to buy something a bit extravagant, shop for new clothes and beauty products, or change your hair as well as add beauty to your home with decorations, art, or a new lover sitting on your sofa.

Relationships are the true focus. Show your love to others by giving them what they want, treating them with kindness, and keeping interactions harmonious and peaceful. You will want the exact same in return. You get what you give, so play nice, focus on caring and sharing, and spend quality time with those you love. Although others are generally in the mood to make relationships work through cooperation and compromise, Venus in Libra likes to keep score, and any imbalance in relationships can create conflict and irritation.

The total package is important….it has to look good, taste good, feel good, and sound good to be good. In this case, too good to be true doesn’t apply.   Focus on the positives and postpone taking on the challenges and messy side of relationships until December when she can delve more deeply into issues.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in Sagittarius Retrograde Nov 16 until Dec 6 – Communication and Intellect
Have you prepared for the retrograde? As always, be extra careful when making and confirming travel plans, sending out party invitations and other communications, and when buying electronic/technology gifts. Back up your computer and other data files. Keep in mind all the retrograde “re” words when you have to re-vise plans, re-turn to step one, re-tract your RSVP, or re-place an existing product. Most importantly, keep your sense of humor regardless of Mercury’s mischief as you button everything up for the holidays.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, communications and thought processes are stimulating, enthusiastic, and interesting. There may be a preachy or teach-y element to interactions, and you may find yourself part of a good debate where everyone is on their own high horse about one cause or another. Conversations are direct, blunt, and to the point, and you may need to be careful about saying out loud the first thing that pops into your head, although you probably won’t regret it if you do.

You may go on a quest for truth, knowledge, and wisdom by traveling, participating in an experiential activity, or going off on an intellectual adventure by reading or studying something new, and you may prefer being self-taught or using self-directed courses.

Meetings are best when held in locations that have lots of space, participants are allowed to think and speak freely, and the focus is on talking about the big picture problems and then creatively getting to the visionary solution, general concept, or loose direction for the future. Set the target and stop at that point, because no one will be interested in flushing out the process and details related to how to get there. You run the risk of destroying what could be possible by allowing current thinking and practicalities to interfere.

Recognize others for thinking outside the box, reimagining anything outdated, and presenting what seems impossible. However, if your job or situation relies on details and precision, then be aware of the tendency to simplify or gloss over the finer points, and force yourself to operate at a lower level. Develop your own opinions, speak your mind, and inspire and motivate others by following your own passions.​​​​​​​

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun to Sagittarius Nov 22 until Dec 21- Mission
When the Sun moves into Sagittarius and the holiday season begins, the energy shifts from the deep water of Scorpio to fiery, visionary, bright, lively, and social. Even the most disciplined among us has a hard time maintaining a routine, because we want to be free and escape the details of life.  Similar to spring fever, holiday fever gives you the desire to get out, celebrate, and have some fun and good times.

There is also a great deal of idealism to tap into, which helps us create the perfect vision for what we want our holiday celebration to include, but we may not have the follow-through to make it happen or others don’t cooperate with our potentially inflated expectations. Fire energy comes in spurts, so move when you feel the impulse to go and lay back when you feel the desire to smolder.  As a Sagittarius myself, I find that a bit of pressure or an impending deadline is necessary to motivate action. Maybe that is why there are so many last minute shoppers!

In addition to the holidays, it is a good time to try anything new such as travel, take a class, eat exotic foods, and meet new people. Take advantage of all invitations even if they are spur of the moment. Be spontaneous and spread good vibes wherever you go!

Full Moon in Gemini Nov 23 – Manifest
A Full Moon brings the unconscious and the conscious and your emotions and ego in opposition to each other to create a comparison or an imbalance.

With the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius, there is a need to balance your vision for what is possible with the many details that are involved to get there. If this is done skillfully, it allows you to see the total picture. Your unconscious and emotional need is for variety, connecting, socializing, and intellectual stimulation, and your ego and conscious wants freedom, independence, and adventure. Think of this in relation to the intentions you set at the New Moon in Scorpio two weeks ago.

The Sun in Sagittarius asks:  Do you need to learn something to help manifest your intentions? Are your intentions true to your own beliefs? Do you need to seek the truth or form your own opinion?

While the Moon in Gemini asks:  Is there a conversation you need to have or something you need to communicate? Would reading a book, finding a particular resource, or writing in a journal be helpful? Do you need to ask more questions?

Sometimes we have to step out of the details and take a wider view, and sometimes we have to come down to Earth and get into the weeds, so make sure to consider both perspectives.

Neptune in Pisces Stations Direct Nov 22 until Jun 2018 – Intuition, Imagination, and Creativity
When Neptune moves forward it is an opportunity to use your inner vision and intuition out in your world.  Neptune creates a fog, denial, confusion, or illusion around issues, so it is important to pay attention to what comes into your view at the very beginning of the shift, because you can get a peek at what lies beyond the clouds.

Are you living in a fantasy world?  What have you been denying or not dealing with?  Is there a situation that hasn’t felt completely honest or authentic?  What are you or others not seeing clearly?  Are you or someone in your life dealing with addiction?

This planet moves very slowly through your chart and can sometimes be a difficult influence to handle, but he challenges you to listen to your inner voice, follow your dreams, forgive, and use your imagination and creative forces to deal with the area of life he is transiting. (Clients should re-read your Neptune Transit in the What’s Happening Now section of your annual report.)​​​​​​​

The added energy of Pisces increases your compassion and may lead you to help make the world a better place by engaging in charitable, spiritual, or humanitarian projects.  And what better timing, because Earth needs us to pull together in this spirit of engagement to replace hate with unconditional love and faith in each other.

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