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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter October 15 – 30, 2018

The Sun moves into deep and transformative Scorpio to shine a light on your greatest desires, and the Full Moon in Taurus manifests them while also opening you up to the abundance of what you already have all around you. Then Mercury moves into Sagittarius, which is where he will retrograde in November, and Venus moves into Libra where she will complete her retrograde on the same day Mercury turns around creating a bit of a topsy turvy feeling. Happy Birthday Scorpio

Sun to Scorpio Oct 23 until Nov 22 – Mission

When the Sun moves into Scorpio, it is the time of year when we lose daylight hours and gain more darkness. This is the energy of Scorpio….delving into dark places, investigating the shadows, regenerating the things that have been left for dead, and transforming the old into something new.

If you have a project that requires a strategic approach, concentration, passion, determination, and willpower, then now is the time to take it on. Use this time to find the power within to heal, create, or transform your life or something in it, and remember that everything that ends brings the possibility of a new beginning.

Full Moon in Taurus Oct 24 – Manifest

A Full Moon brings the unconscious and the conscious and your emotions and ego in opposition to each other to create a comparison or an imbalance.

The Full Moon in Taurus represents abundance, so look around you and appreciate all that you have. The Moon, which rules your emotions and unconscious world is focused on building security in your life, while the Sun, which rules your ego and conscious, is seeking to increase your appetites and desires while in Scorpio. As a result, you may need to balance what you want versus what you need in your efforts to manifest the intentions you set at the New Moon in Libra two weeks ago.

This is a “fixed” energy, so you can either consciously try to be more flexible and take the bull by the horns in order to avoid getting stuck in the muck, OR be the bull and plant your feet firmly on the ground or stubbornly dig in your heels to persist and resist when attempting to get your desires met. Choose the approach that best aligns with your higher good.

This is a very romantic Moon, so take some time to celebrate the abundance of love in your life as well. Plan a date that includes using the five senses such as eating a wonderful meal in comfortable surroundings with beautiful music playing in the background, light scented candles, wear something luxurious, and celebrate the good things in life. The earth element of the Moon mixes with the water element of the Sun to create a very fertile moment. Look to the Taurus House in your Natal Chart to know where you can conceive and birth something new in your life.

Mercury to Sagittarius

Mercury to Sagittarius Oct 31 until Dec 1 – Communications and Intellect

Mercury is slowing down for his upcoming Retrograde on Nov 16th, which is the same day Venus will end her retrograde and turn direct. As Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius, stay alert for the clues he sends about your own Mercury Retrograde story. He moves backward until Dec 6th, so prepare now by taking the time to make and confirm travel plans for the holidays, send out party invitations early, and buy electronic gifts prior to or after the retrograde. We will talk more about the retrograde in the November newsletter.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, communications and thought processes become stimulating, enthusiastic, passionate and interesting. There may be a preachy or teach-y element to interactions, and you may find yourself part of a good debate where everyone is on their own high horse about one cause or another. Conversations are direct, blunt, and to the point, and you may need to be careful about saying out loud the first thing that pops into your head, although you probably won’t regret it if you do.

You may go on a quest for truth, knowledge, and wisdom by traveling, participating in an experiential activity, or going off on an intellectual adventure by reading or studying something new, and you may prefer being self-taught or using self-directed courses.

Meetings are best when held in locations that have lots of space, participants are allowed to think and speak freely, and the focus is on talking about the big picture problems and then creatively getting to the visionary solution, general concept, or loose direction for the future. Set the target and stop at that point, because no one will be interested in flushing out the process and details related to how to get there, and you run the risk of destroying what could be possible by allowing current thinking and practicalities to interfere.

Recognize others for thinking outside the box, reimagining anything outdated, and presenting what seems impossible. However, if your job or situation relies on details and precision, then be aware of the tendency to simplify or gloss over the finer points, and force yourself to operate at a lower level. Develop your own opinions, speak your mind, and inspire and motivate others by following your own passions.

Venus to Libra Oct 31 until Dec 2 – Feminine Energy, Relationships, Finances and Values

Venus continues her backward journey moving from Scorpio back into Libra where she will end her retrograde on Nov 16th. What has been your Venus Retrograde story? Has a long lost love showed up on your doorstep? Have you considered new ways to handle your finances? Are you in touch with what you truly value in your life and prioritizing yourself around what’s really important to you? She is bringing the psychological review back into the area of your chart that wants to partner with others to make the transformational changes she desires and will once again work on when she returns to Scorpio on Dec 2nd.

While Venus is in Libra, you can use the powerful Law of Attraction to your advantage to bring love, money, beauty, and anything you truly value into your life. Thoughts become things, describes the energy available to help you manifest and create successfully, especially in the area of life ruled by Libra in your chart. This is a mental rather than heart centered connection, because there is a tendency to think rather than feel emotions.

For finances, use this time to balance your accounts and create a budget that supports both your foundational needs and your more indulgent desires.  You may find you are ready to buy something a bit extravagant, shop for new clothes and beauty products, or change your hair as well as add beauty to your home with decorations, art, or a new lover sitting on your sofa. It is best to hold off until after Oct 31st to make sure you don’t have to return what you thought you wanted.

Relationships are the true focus, and you can show your love to others by giving them what they want, treating them with kindness, and keeping interactions harmonious and peaceful, because you will want the exact same in return. You get what you give, so play nice, focus on caring and sharing, and spend quality time with those you love. Although others are generally in the mood to make relationships work through cooperation and compromise, Venus in Libra likes to keep score, and any imbalance in relationships can create conflict and irritation.

The total package is important….it has to look good, taste good, feel good, and sound good to be good.  In this case, too good to be true doesn’t apply.   Focus on the positives and postpone taking on the challenges and messy side of relationships until December when she can delve more deeply into issues.

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