Astrology can help you.....

  • Find your unique purpose in life

  • Solve a problem or set a goal

  • Time an important event

  • Improve relationships

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Meanings of Astrology by House

Your chart is divided into 12 Houses, which correlates to the 12 astrology signs, and each house represents an area of your life. The House where a planet lives or rules is where it fulfills their role in your life. You can look for the House to describe anything in you want to know more about such as relationships, health, your job or career, spirituality, etc. Below is a description of some of the things each house rules.

The First HouseFirst House:  Describes Y-O-U, Your Essential Self, Your Appearance and Body, Your First Impression
Other Areas: How others see you, how you begin everything, your overall health and energy levels, your approach and outlook, how you feel about your self, how you like to be recognized and appreciated, self-development, confidence, self-esteem

The Third HouseSecond House: Describes Your Money, Natural Talents, Your Values and Valuables
Other Areas: Self-worth, how you make a living, assets, your throat and voice, security, how you feel about money, how you interact with the material world, what beauty means to you, gifts

The Third House

Third House: Communication, Early Childhood, Local Environment, Siblings
Other Areas: How you learn, your mind, reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking, teaching, education, your neighborhood, your car, short trips, books, your shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs

Fourth House: Physical Home, Family, Roots and Ancestry
Other Areas: Your mother, nurturing, traditions, heritage, private life, endings, place of burial, domestic affairs, how you live, memories, the breasts, stomach, and digestive organs

Fifth House: Creativity, Hobbies, Personal Branding, Romance, ChildrenOther Areas: Who you date, what you do for fun, vacations, sports, creative talents and abilities, pregnancy, parenting, playing, luck, celebrations/parties, games, risk taking, luck, prizes and winnings, drama, popularity, your personal brand, heart and back

Sixth House: Health, Job, Daily Routine, and Pets Other Areas: Habits, employment, service providers, service given to others, people you work with, aunts, uncles, hygiene, diet/nutrition, coping with stress, fitness, body functions, solar plexus, bowels

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