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Gina Jones The Horoscope Coach Newsletter April 1 – 15, 2018

Mercury Retrograde Hang Over

Mercury Turns Direct in Aries Apr 15 until May 13 – Communication & Intellect
What did you work on during the retrograde? Did you have any big issues with communication, siblings, ghosts from the past, technology, travel plans, or transportation? If so, now is the time to begin implementing solutions, clear up misunderstandings, buy new devices, move forward with negotiations and contracts, or make tweaks and shifts to the things you put in place over the past few weeks. Remember the retrograde hangover lasts until May 2nd, so have a coffee and take your time as you get up, reverse direction, and step back out intellectually.

When Mercury is in Aries communications and thought processes are active, assertive, and more direct, and conversations are quick and to the point. You don’t have time for delays, roadblocks, or speed bumps! The mind wants a mental challenge but also wants to get things thought through as quickly as possible, and if it is to your advantage, you streamline, skip steps, skim, and take shortcuts along the way.  Just be careful not to miss important details as you race to the finish line.

Meetings should be held in environments that allow participants to move around – no desks or tables – and consider including some kind of physical activity as part of the program.  The energy is motivating and fun, so inspire others with your passion, leadership, and pioneering spirit. Agendas should be as short as possible and focus on visioning, initiating, and starting new projects. Discussions are loud, energetic, and enthusiastic, and there may be a tendency for everyone to be personally attached to their own ideas, but compromise can be reached by describing what’s in it for them. Decisions are made quickly and may not consider all the minutiae involved, so get the head nod and be willing to figure out how to execute when Mercury moves in to Taurus later in the month and is much better at manifesting.​​​​​​​

“Where your focus goes, your energy flows.” – Les Brown

Kris Carr is one of my favorite inspirational women. She was born under a New Moon, which is one of the reasons why she is so in touch with the process of setting intentions. Kris describes intentions as, “the conscious and unconscious motivations behind our actions.” In this video, she gives some great tips for why you should set intentions for everything you do.

Even if you only set intentions once a month on the New Moon, you are using the power of your words and the power of the Universe to go where you want to go. The New Moon falls in a different area of your chart each month, which ensures you touch every area of your life with intention each year. As Kris says, “intentions are the catalyst that create a chain reaction of events that lead to your desired outcome. It’s how the Universe works!”

The book Kris recommends is a classic and part of my library. You can buy it here:  Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav

New Moon in Aries Apr 15 – Set Intentions
Even though the Sun is already in Aries, this New Moon marks the start of the astrological year, and it is a perfect time to initiate, deal directly with situations that need attention, or reignite some motivation under something you may have started and lost interest in (New Year’s Resolutions). It’s hard to believe we are already four months into the year!

You can use this energy to take action, especially on short term goals in the area of life where this New Moon falls in your Natal Chart.  This is a time for new beginnings, and if you want to be more independent or free yourself from situations, then now is the time to do so, and you can bravely and confidently face any conflict involved as well.  Put your needs first, take immediate action when you feel the urge, and break through any barriers to drive your life forward.

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