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Gina Jones The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Mar 1 – 15, 2018

Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo Mar 1 – Manifest Your Intentions
A Full Moon brings the conscious and the unconscious and your ego and emotions in opposition to each other to create a comparison or an imbalance. With this is mind, assess the areas of life where Virgo and the opposite sign Pisces rules your chart.

The Moon in Virgo instinctually wants to focus on healing and providing service in a basic, grounded, and practical way and takes a more critical approach. What is wrong so I can get it right?

This is balanced or opposed by the Sun in Pisces, which brings conscious awareness to the areas where you may need to apply compassion and a more spiritual approach or take the high road. What is already ok or right, how can I appreciate that as a strength, and how can I use it to make everything better?

Other questions to ask this month:  What parts of yourself have you disassociated from and need to bring back in order to feel whole?  Where do you need help cleaning up and clearing out? How can you be kinder and less critical? Where are you too hard on yourself or others? Where would you like to give it all back and start over? How can helping yourself be of service to the greater good? Where can acceptance open the gate to what could be?

This Full Moon wants to clean up the mess and imperfections of life, straighten out what is crooked, and return things to their rightful place. There is an anticipatory energy, because we know Spring is around the corner, and we feel the urge to get ready for the change, either literally or figuratively.

There is a strong connection between your emotional intuition and physical sensations within your body, which is one of the strengths of Virgo.  You can use mind/body techniques and apply the releasing and purification energy to form new healthy habits or create the perfect plan to bring your all around health into balance, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Virgo is ok with delayed gratification, so it plants the seeds, patiently watches for the first signs of growth, and sees the benefit of fully nurturing what it wants to manifest.

After the Moon peaks at full it begins to wane, which combined with the Virgo energy makes this a time of releasing, so un-clutter and get your spring cleaning done, donate items to charity, and complete maintenance and repairs so that you can get out of the house or office to enjoy your free time when the weather turns warm and the flowers are blooming.

Mercury to Aries Mar 6 until May 13 – Communication and Intellect 

Mercury will spend a long time in Aries, because he will turn retrograde on Mar 22nd and then direct again on Apr 15th, just in time for tax day. Watch what comes into your life as he enters Aries to get a clue of what you will deal with during the retrograde. You would be wise to get your tax return done before the 22nd, or there may be some revisions, redos, or audits in your future…..but I’m not telling you what to do – haha.

Even though Mercury is moving slowly, Aries is a fast paced energy, and this accelerated speed translates to the speed of your own communications and thought processes, which are now more assertive and direct, and conversations are quick and to the point.

You don’t have time for delays, roadblocks, or speed bumps, although the retrograde might bring you some! The mind wants a mental challenge but also wants to get things thought through as quickly as possible and will streamline, skip steps, skim, and take shortcuts along the way, so be careful not to miss important details.

Meetings should be held in environments that allow the participants to move around, no desks or tables, and consider including some kind of physical activity as part of the program.  The energy is motivating and fun, so inspire others with your passion, leadership, and pioneering spirit. Agendas should be as short as possible and focus on visioning, initiating, and starting new things. Discussions are loud, energetic, and enthusiastic, and there may be a tendency for everyone to be personally attached to their own ideas, but compromise can be reached by describing what’s in it for them. Decisions are made quickly and may not consider all the minutiae involved, so get the head nod and be willing to figure out how to execute for yourself.

Venus in Aries

Venus to Aries Mar 6 until Mar 31 – Love, Relationships, & FinancesAs Venus moves into Aries women are more aggressive, direct, and not as well-behaved or socially acceptable, so expect current events related to women to get even more fired up.

Venus in Aries has to consciously control her impulses and keep her flame from turning into a forest fire, which can happen if disagreements escalate to arguments (or all out war), assertive empowerment turns to aggression, or anger moves to a whirling dervish of fury. However, this level of energy may be necessary in some situations.

If you experience the softer side of the Aries energy, then love and relationships become fun-loving, flirtatious, passionate, and energetic.  You can show your love to others by being open and honest, participating in activities, taking risks, and being spontaneous. I’m feeling hot, hot, hot……

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio Turns Retrograde Mar 9 until Jul 10 – Growth, Development, and Vision for Your Life
Jupiter is your planetary teacher, mentor, or life coach, who deals with growth, development, and creating a vision for the area of life he is transiting in your Natal Chart. Current clients should re-read the Jupiter section of your Astro-Report to remind yourself of the role Jupiter is playing in your life right now.

Jupiter is the first of the big planets to turn retrograde this year, which will begin to slow things down a bit. You become more introspective related to your higher beliefs and integrate, refine, and improve the vision for your future that you’ve been working on since last June.  ​​​​​​​You may need to release things or people from your life that no longer align with your life philosophy or values.

Jupiter in Scorpio is more introverted, personal, and private, and he wants you to get closer to your spirit and find deeper meaning in life. Spiritual growth, personal discovery and healing can occur, so take the opportunity to solve deeper issues, and release toxins, secrets, and pressures that may stem from psychological influences or past experiences.

​​​​​​​Remember the stress, pressures and challenges you experience now are what creates your future diamonds. You may have to go through many layers of dirt to get to the diamond of pure truth and the beauty of your essential self, but it is worth it, and you will see the synchronicity manifest over the next 12 years.

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