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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Dec 15 – 30 2017

New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 18 – Set Intentions

Every New Moon brings together the unconscious with the conscious and emotions with the ego for the same mission. In Sagittarius the quest involves envisioning a life with no limits. With the end of the year quickly coming upon us, you can use this future focused energy to take a big picture view of what you accomplished in 2017 and begin putting your plan together for the new year.

Vision boards are particularly effective, because you don’t have to get too far into the details, but just gain an understanding of how you’ve evolved and where you are heading. The next New Moon in Capricorn will then push you to put a strategy together and give you the motivation to get to work on your plan.

Set intentions to ignite a cycle of growth, development, and adventure. Go out and seek the wisdom and knowledge you need to manifest your desires through travel, learning in a formal or informal setting, or independent study. If you feel resistance, then take the time to understand whatever is holding you back from your highest potential. Figure out how to break through your roadblocks and use the fire energy to move forward.

Whatever you set in motion should really fuel your passion and not feel like work…. after all, Sag prefers to be fun, excited, and lighthearted.  As always, you should feel this more intensely in the Sagittarius house in your Natal Chart. Enjoy the most merry month of the year, fire up your social calendar, or travel to see friends and family. It’s time to party and just have fun!!!

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn to Capricorn Dec 19 thru Mar 2020  – Life Lessons, Structure, and Limitations
This is a huge shift for everyone! Notice what happens at the beginning of the change to understand what you will work on for the next 2.5 years. Think about what was happening 29 years ago to get an idea of the groundwork and stronger foundations that need to be put in place for your future. Identify where you feel restricted or limited by people or circumstances in order to put a strategy in place to move through blocks and get to where you want to go, especially in the area of your chart where Saturn is transiting.

When Saturn moves to Capricorn, a sign he rules, he is the ultimate life coach and helps you see your life as a business. The energy is traditional, useful, tangible, and you can use it to commit to your life and anything in it. He creates structures and rules in order to protect and enhance your life and pushes you to take responsibility for your actions. You face reality and recognize the positive or negative consequences of the choices you have made. Saturn holds you accountable, and there is opportunity to learn your lessons and achieve personal growth and long-lasting, permanent change.

If you have planets in Capricorn, then you are more intensely impacted by Saturn traveling through this sign, and you may work harder than you ever have before, finally achieve long-term goals, face realities of certain situations, or persevere through a tough problem and overcome obstacles. The good news is that you have a strong Saturn to work with, the earth element helps keep situations grounded and less dramatic, and you have practical tools at your disposal to get you through this time.

Remember that Saturn’s job is for you to encounter events, people, and interactions that allow you to reach a new level of maturity in your life. If you need help navigating this important transition, email me for a reading. Current clients should go back and read the Saturn description in your “What’s Happening Now” section of your astro-report to remind yourself of your Saturn lesson this year.​​​​​​​

Happy Birthday Capricorn

Sun to Capricorn Dec 21 until Jan 19 – Your Main Mission
When the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn life becomes one big project, and we become laser focused on wrapping up our last minute holiday preparations. You know just what you need to do, the resources to use, and the right people to call, and others are willing to pitch in and help do their part.

We all have a job, and we all want to do it the way we think is right! We feel particularly protective of our traditions and rituals and have a desire to recognize and honor our history and the past. Have you ever tried to change a family recipe for a holiday meal? If so, you know that it may not be well received by your guests, who are expecting things to be the same as they always were way back when.

Once the holidays are over, life feels more stable, and it’s back to work with a practical, no frills approach and the persistence to climb all your mountains. You go after your New Year’s Resolutions with the abundant energy of someone who hasn’t gone to the gym in a year. Capricorns have the most potential for following through on their resolutions and are always willing to try, try again, so if at first you don’t succeed…..find a Capricorn friend to help push you along.

Mercury in Sagittarius Direct Dec 22 until Jan 11 – Communication and Intellect 

As Mercury begins to move forward in the sign of Sagittarius, you can start to implement solutions to the issues you may have experienced during the retrograde around communication, technology, travel plans, or transportation. Clear up misunderstandings, buy new devices, make post holiday travel plans, and move forward with contracts and negotiations, but remember the Retrograde Hangover will last until Jan 10, so take things slow and easy until then… although a Sag never likes to slow their roll.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, communications and thought processes are stimulating, enthusiastic, and interesting. There may be a preachy or teach-y element to interactions, and you may find yourself part of a good debate where everyone is on their own high horse about one cause or another. Conversations are direct, blunt, and to the point, and you may need to be careful about saying out loud the first thing that pops into your head, although you probably won’t regret it if you do.

You may go on a quest for truth, knowledge, and wisdom by traveling, participating in an experiential activity, or going off on an intellectual adventure by reading or studying something new, and you may prefer being self-taught or using self-directed courses.

Meetings are best when held in locations that have lots of space, participants are allowed to think and speak freely, and the focus is on talking about the big picture problems and then creatively getting to the visionary solution, general concept, or loose direction for the future. Set the target and stop at that point, because no one will be interested in flushing out the process and details related to how to get there, and you run the risk of destroying what could be possible by allowing current thinking and practicalities to interfere.

Recognize others for thinking outside the box, reimagining anything outdated, and presenting what seems impossible. However, if your job or situation relies on details and precision, then be aware of the tendency to simplify or gloss over the finer points, and force yourself to operate at a lower level. Develop your own opinions, speak your mind, and inspire and motivate others by following your own passions.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus to Capricorn Dec 25 until Jan 17 – Love, Relationships, & FinancesAs Venus moves into Capricorn she works hard for her money and relationships, she is woman with a plan, and she runs her life like a business. Romance is less spontaneous, love takes a more sober and serious turn, and this is a great time to make a commitment to a lover or have a conversation about where your relationship is headed.

Show your love by taking control of the things you are good at and allowing your loved ones to shine when doing something they do well. Words of affirmation go a long way to make others feel valued and appreciated, so give authentic validation to recognize their contributions to your work or personal life.

Use this energy to explore what you desire in love and money from a grounded and mature perspective. Call in the experts to give you advice, use your resources to get the support that you need, and build a strategic plan that gets you to your goals using the most productive and efficient route.

The appeal of this Venus lies in the security that comes from having the basic support structures of your life firmly in place. Whether it is having a relationship with a partner you can count on through thick or thin, a solid value system that acts as a guide as you create the rest of your life, a fulfilling career that provides income, or a financial plan that serves your needs now and well into the future, you need a foundation that allows you to feel secure as you go about the rest of your business.

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