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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Dec 1 – 15, 2017

Venus in Sagittarius shoots for her target

Venus to Sagittarius Dec 1 until Dec 25 – Love, Relationships, & Finances
As Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius she gets feisty! Love, relationships, and shopping become great adventures, because when she finds something or someone she wants, she sees the target and shoots forward.

You want to grow and expand through your relationships by learning and experiencing new things and sharing everything with your partner. Show your love to others by providing a non-judgmental space for them to express their opinions and beliefs, tell them you understand how they feel, and give them encouragement to pursue their interests.

Be in love with life, give yourself and others lots of freedom to explore, embrace spontaneity, and keep interactions fun and lighthearted.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius - time to clarify your vision

Mercury in Sagittarius Retrograde Dec 3 until Dec 22 – Communication and Intellect 

Have you prepared for the retrograde? Either way, continue being extra careful when making and confirming travel plans, sending out party invitations and other communications, and when buying electronic/technology gifts. Back up your computer and other data files, and keep in mind all the retrograde “re” words when you have to re-vise plans, re-turn to step one, re-tract your RSVP, or re-place an existing product. Most importantly, remember to keep your sense of humor regardless of Mercury’s mischief as you button everything up for the holidays.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, communications and thought processes are stimulating, enthusiastic, and interesting. There may be a preachy or teach-y element to interactions, and you may find yourself part of a good debate where everyone is on their own high horse about one cause or another. Conversations are direct, blunt, and to the point, and you may need to be careful about saying out loud the first thing that pops into your head, although you probably won’t regret it if you do.

You may go on a quest for truth, knowledge, and wisdom by traveling, participating in an experiential activity, or going off on an intellectual adventure by reading or studying something new, and you may prefer being self-taught or using self-directed courses.

Meetings are best when held in locations that have lots of space, participants are allowed to think and speak freely, and the focus is on talking about the big picture problems and then creatively getting to the visionary solution, general concept, or loose direction for the future. Set the target and stop at that point, because no one will be interested in flushing out the process and details related to how to get there, and you run the risk of destroying what could be possible by allowing current thinking and practicalities to interfere.

Recognize others for thinking outside the box, reimagining anything outdated, and presenting what seems impossible. However, if your job or situation relies on details and precision, then be aware of the tendency to simplify or gloss over the finer points, and force yourself to operate at a lower level. Develop your own opinions, speak your mind, and inspire and motivate others by following your own passions.

Full Moon in Gemini - seeing the details shows you the big picture

Full Moon in Gemini Dec 3rd – Manifest

With the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius, there is a need to balance your vision for what is possible with the many details that are involved to get there. If this is done skillfully, it allows you to see the total picture. Your unconscious and emotional need is for variety, connecting, socializing, and intellectual stimulation, and your ego and conscious wants freedom, independence, and adventure. Think of this in relation to the intentions you set at the New Moon in Scorpio two weeks ago.

The Sun in Sagittarius asks:  Do you need to learn something to help manifest your intentions? Are your intentions true to your own beliefs? Do you need to seek the truth or form your own opinion?

While the Moon in Gemini asks:  Is there a conversation you need to have or something you need to communicate? Would reading a book, finding a particular resource, or writing in a journal be helpful? Do you need to ask more questions?

Sometimes we have to step out of the details and take a wider view, and sometimes we have to come down to Earth and get into the weeds, so make sure to consider both perspectives.

Helima Aden born with Mars in Scorpio = Just Do It

Fashion model Helima Aden was born with Mars in Scorpio – Just Do It!

Mars to Scorpio Dec 9 until Jan 26 – Actions, Anger, Male Energy

Mars is strong in Scorpio, a sign he rules. He is a warrior, and actions are linked to deep, passionate emotions and motivated by psychological influences and gut feelings. This is a time to take control and be strategic about what you want to achieve by designing a solid action plan that considers all the dynamics involved and potential plan B and contingency scenarios, but then Just Do It.

The energy is more black and white and decisive, and you may find that yourself and others are not easily influenced to move one way or the other and less willing to compromise once an opinion has been formed and takes hold. Others will rise to the occasion if you present a challenge in the form of a goal or hurdle that must be overcome as a way to break a stalemate or get things moving.

Watch for jealousy, possessive and bossy behavior, control issues, and direct conflict in difficult situations and relationships. Stay cool, but tap in to the potential to use a more martial approach to your benefit by confronting difficult issues and challenges in a strong and assertive manner.

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