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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Oct 15 – 31, 2017

Mercury to Scorpio Oct 17 until Nov 5 – Communication and Intellect 

When Mercury moves into the sign of Scorpio, communications and thought processes become more intense, serious, passionate, and inquisitive. Mysteries, puzzles, and projects that require you to figure something out are good activities to keep your mind engaged, and intuition is especially powerful as a guiding force for your intellectual efforts. You may search for answers by turning over every stone, putting your powers of observation to use, stripping things to the bare bones and starting over, or seeking the truth by calling out what isn’t true. You dig deeper than normal to find what you are looking for both materially and spiritually.
Conversations naturally move beyond the superficial level, others may tell you a long story or reveal their secrets (whether you want to know them or not), and if you are keeping any secrets or skeletons in your closet….be careful, because they may be revealed, and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Experiential learning is preferred, and meetings and groups are more productive if there is an element of competition and intellectual challenge involved and opinions are presented in a debate format. Decisions take time, because everyone needs to think through things on their own before they can verbalize a response, and it is difficult to change anyone’s mind under this energy. Recognize and appreciate others behind closed doors in a private and individualized manner, and show your vulnerability to connect on a more intimate level.

New Moon in Libra Oct 19 – Set Intentions
The New Moon brings together the unconscious with the conscious and emotions with the ego for the same mission. In Libra the quest involves an emotional need for partnerships, relating, connecting, and spending time with people you love, in places you love, or finding and sharing your love with that special someone.

The goal is to bring more balance, peace, and harmony to your relationships and how you relate to others. Use this time to make the smaller changes that allow you to take full advantage of your Libra House during this month, and then watch how the Universe listens and gives you what you need to help fulfill your desires.​​​​​​​

Mars to Libra Oct 22 until Dec 9 – Actions, Anger, Male EnergyWhen Mars moves into Libra actions have a social conscious, and you must take relationships and other people into consideration before you can move forward.  This may feel like slow motion after busy and productive Virgo, but taking the time to collaborate offers new or different ways to get things done and avoids relationship issues down the road that can stop things dead in their tracks.

Watch for passive aggressive behavior, under the table deals, and overly defensive positions in yourself and others, especially when inequality or unfair situations present themselves.  If you tune into this energy, you are able to see issues and problems before they occur and diffuse conflicts through negotiation and compromise by presenting both sides of the story.

When making decisions, there may be a tendency to procrastinate or become overwhelmed by too many perspectives or options, which you can either strive to overcome or accept as part of the process.  With Mars following Venus in Libra, he is trying to get Venus whatever she wants, so use your relationships to help you by reaching out and connecting, asking for feedback, and giving everyone the ability to give input before you act.

Sun to Scorpio Oct 23 until Nov 21 – Main MissionWhen the Sun moves into Scorpio, it is the time of year when we lose daylight hours and gain more darkness. This is the energy of Scorpio….delving into dark places, investigating the shadows, regenerating the things that have been left for dead, and transforming the old into something new.

If you have a project that requires a strategic approach, concentration, passion, determination, and willpower, now is the time to take it on. Use this time to find the power within to heal, create, or transform your life or something in it, and remember that everything that ends brings the possibility of a new beginning. When the Sun and Jupiter meet up on Oct 26th, be especially observant of the story Jupiter will be working on for the next year in the Scorpio area of your chart.

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