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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Oct 1 – 15, 2017

Jupiter Moves to Scorpio:  Mine for Diamonds

Full Moon in Aries Oct 5 – Manifest
A Full Moon brings the unconscious and the conscious and your emotions and ego in opposition to each other to create a comparison or an imbalance.

In Aries, the Moon, your unconscious and emotions, is concerned with your own needs and what you want. In Libra, the Sun, your conscious and ego, is focused on your relationships and the needs of others.

Aries gives you a boost of fire power to push forward, and you can use the color red, physical exercise, burn a red candle, or literally burn something in a flame as a symbolic way to release something from your life in order to gain what you want to create in its place.

The House that Aries rules is an area of your life where you are naturally more independent and self focused, and you want to do things your own way. However, there needs to be an awareness of how you impact those around you in your efforts, and in some cases reach across the chart to Libra and bring others in to assist.

For example, at the New Moon in Virgo two weeks ago, you may have set the intention to begin a new diet or exercise program, and now you realize you need to work with a coach or trainer to give you some direction. Or, you started your Fall cleaning, and now you want to delegate some of the duties to family members or hire a cleaning service.

Even though Aries wants to do it all and is really good at starting things, it needs others to follow-up and make it to the finish line. If you figure out how to balance the polarity and understand how to use it to your advantage, you are better able to fully manifest your goals.

Jupiter to Scorpio Oct 10 until Nov 2018 – Growth, Development, and Vision for Your Life
Jupiter is your planetary teacher, mentor, or life coach, who deals with growth, development, and creating a vision for the area of life he is transiting in your Natal Chart. He brings beneficial events, people, and situations to you in order to helping you further define your vision and move toward it, event if it doesn’t feel so good at the time.

When Jupiter moves into Scorpio, the energy is more introverted, personal, and private, and transformational changes allow you to get closer your spirit and find deeper meaning in your life. What gets you out of bed in the morning other than checking your FaceBook feed? You are about to find out.

Jupiter makes everything bigger, and in Scorpio you may feel the need to go deep and mine for the diamonds in your life. Spiritual growth, personal discovery, healing, and transformational changes can occur, so take the opportunity to solve deeper issues, and release toxins, secrets, and pressures that may stem from psychological influences or past experiences. Remember the pressures and challenges you experience in your life are what create future diamonds.

It may be helpful to think back to what was happening 12 years ago to get an idea of the opportunity and benefits you can maximize while Jupiter is again in this area of your chart. Current clients should re-read the Jupiter section of your 2017 Astro-Report to remind yourself of the role Jupiter is playing in your life right now.

You may have to go through many layers of dirt to get to the diamond of pure truth and the beauty of your essential self, but it is worth it, and you will see the synchronicity manifest over the next 12 years.

Venus to Libra Oct 14 until Nov 7 – Love, Relationships, and Finances
While Venus is in Libra, you can use the powerful Law of Attraction to your advantage to bring love, money, beauty, and anything you truly value into your life.  Thoughts become things, describes the energy available to help you manifest and create successfully, especially in the area of life ruled by Libra in your chart.

Use this time to balance your accounts and create a budget that supports both your foundational needs and your more indulgent desires.  You may find you are ready to buy something a bit extravagant, shop for new clothes and beauty products, or change your hair as well as add beauty to your home with decorations, art, or a new lover sitting on your sofa.

Relationships are the true focus, and you can show your love to others by giving them what they want, treating them with kindness, and keeping interactions harmonious and peaceful, because you will want the exact same in return.  This is a mental rather than heart centered connection, because there is a tendency to think rather than feel emotions.

You get what you give, so play nice, focus on caring and sharing experiences, and spend quality time with those you love. Although others are generally in the mood to make relationships work through cooperation and compromise, Venus in Libra likes to keep score, and any imbalance in relationships can create conflict and irritation.

The total package is important….it has to look good, taste good, feel good, and sound good to be good.  In this case, too good to be true doesn’t apply.   Focus on the positives and postpone taking on the challenges and messy side of relationships until next month.

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