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The Horoscope Coach Virgo Newsletter Sep 1 – 15, 2017

Mars to Virgo Sep 5 until Oct 22 – Actions, Anger, Male Energy

Time to be a busy bee! September always seems to kick things into high gear. It is a good time to take action to clean up any area of life that is clogged with clutter, disorganization, or lacks a process.  Mars in Virgo can help you get a system in place to help you be more productive in your daily life.

Watch for conflicts that arise because you or others are being overly critical, micro-managing, or striving for perfection rather than taking a “good enough” approach…. sometimes 80% is just as good as a perfect 100%.  Multi-tasking is easy under this influence, but avoid taking on too much or becoming discouraged or stressed out by the amount of work that needs to be accomplished.

Take one step at a time, remain grounded and humble, and put some check-marks on your to do list, which any good Virgo loves!

Mercury Direct in Leo Sep 5 until Sep 9 – Communication and Intellect 
What did you work on during the retrograde? As Mercury turns direct, he is giving you one final message about your eclipse story. Make sure you listen, because Mars is already well on his way to making it happen and may need your brain to assist in the effort.

As Mercury begins to move forward in Leo you start to regain intellectual momentum, but remember the retrograde hangover lasts until Sep 19th, so restrain the fire energy as best you can, and take your time as you get up, reverse direction, and step out into the world again.

If you had any big issues with communication, siblings, ghosts from the past, technology, travel plans, or transportation, then now is the time to implement solutions, clear up misunderstandings, buy new devices, move forward with contracts or negotiations, or make tweaks and shifts to the things you put in place over the past few weeks.

Mercury is only in Leo for a few days, and you can use the energy to either purr like a kitten or roar like a lion! Conversations are warm, expressive, and a bit opinionated, however it is easier to get your point across without things getting too personal. This is a good time to tell others about your ideas and vision, because you are able to speak from your heart, be the authority or leader on a project or topic, and passionately promote yourself or toot your own horn with an authentic style.

This is one of the most fun and creative signs, so hold meetings in locations and settings that inspire others to play, explore ideas, show off, or hunt down a solution. Presentations should contain a bit of theatrics, drama, and/or sophistication, and storytelling and role playing is a great approach to communicating and engaging with individuals and groups.

There is a tendency for yourself and others to be overly sensitive to any direct criticism, ego energy runs high, and the ability to separate fact from fiction becomes blurred by the passion behind opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. You may want to hold off on performance reviews or constructive feedback and focus instead on praising the positive aspects in others to feed their egos and motivate performance.

Be conscious of over reacting to negative circumstances or causing this response in others, especially if you are idealistic by nature, however be courageous with your perspective while acknowledging others for theirs even if you don’t totally agree. You can iron out the details and be more of a critic when Mercury moves to Virgo on the 9th.

Full Moon in Pisces Sep 6 – Manifest
This Full Moon offers the opportunity to draw on your creativity, imagination, intuition, and day/night dreams to help you navigate the communication and action that is taking place as a result of the New Moon Eclipse in Leo two weeks ago.  In addition to recovering from the intense fire energy, focus on what you want to manifest in the Pisces area of your Natal Chart.

Music and meditation as well as being near water connects you to the energy of Pisces and Neptune. If you plan a late summer trip to the beach, you can use the waves as a breathing exercise or meditation; breathe in as the waves hit the shore, and breathe out as they retreat as a way to calm yourself and release emotions as they surface.  

The modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is part of this Full Moon, which can create a need to escape reality, so be careful of drugs (prescription and non-prescription), alcohol, or anything that allows you to superficially run away in unnatural or unhealthy ways.  The traditional ruler, Jupiter in Libra, can help counter these feelings if you reach out and use your beneficial relationships such as mentors, coaches, teachers, or sponsors to help you with any challenges.  

With the Sun in productive and service oriented Virgo and the Moon in emotional and compassionate Pisces, you can balance the need to work hard with the need to find the spiritual connection to your work. The recovery efforts in Houston are a good example of taking both a solid, logical, and grounded approach to fixing what needs to be physically mended as well as having compassion for those in need and a self-less connection to the greater good that allows for the emotional, less obvious spiritual healing to occur as the community moves forward.

This balancing act is happening in your chart during the Full Moon too, so take a moment to value, appreciate, and be grateful for the logic, critical thinking, and little steps that happen in the process of manifesting that in the end add up to creating the big vision for emotional and spiritual fulfillment in your life.

Mercury to Virgo Sep 9 until Sep 29  – Intellect and Communication
Mercury moves into Virgo once again, and communication styles and thought processes shift to a more precise, detail oriented, and practical approach, so keep this in mind when presenting your ideas, plans, or projects.  Do your research, state the facts, describe exactly what needs to be done and how, and use logic and reasoning to persuade others to your way of thinking.

Meetings should be well organized and structured to avoid getting caught up in the details and losing perspective, and finding and stating the common ground at the start and end is most effective.  It is not a good time to focus on the big picture, future vision, or blue sky planning, and it is best to focus on the practical day-to-day routine and eliminate anything that is no longer useful from your life.

This is a get in the weeds, roll up your sleeves, or get down and dirty energy. Virgo brings out the OCD in the best of us, and it is easy to become overly analytical (aka critical) of ourselves and others as well as think that we know the best way to get the job done (and so do they).  Recognize and appreciate others for their intellectual capabilities, communication skills, and good grammar :).

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