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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Sep 15 – 30, 2017

Venus to Virgo Sep 19 until Oct 14 – Relationships, Female Energy, & Money
Venus in Virgo shifts our love and relationship energy to a more prudent, practical, neat and tidy, and common sense approach with a focus on serving and helping others.  Show your love through tangible and useful actions and look for and appreciate all the little things others do for you.  Provide validation in relationships, find a purpose in your union, and use this energy to dig into what makes your partner tick. Be careful not to criticize or nag, because your comments can sting even though your intentions are good and not meant to be hurtful. Instead, focus and apply your critical analysis in the effort to perfect the areas of your life ruled by Virgo in your astrology chart.

New Moon in Virgo Sep 20 – Set Intentions

The New Moon brings together the unconscious with the conscious and emotions with the ego for the same mission, which in Virgo relates to every day life and routines.  During this lunar cycle, you may feel the need to get your life in order by doing some inner and outer housekeeping and tapping into the skills of Virgo:  analysis, observation, mind/body connection, micromanagement, curiosity, and perfecting flaws as the way to deal with the area of life you want to address.

Delve into the details to determine what is useful, practical, and helpful to you, and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or fills a supportive role any longer. Do the same thing internally by watching and noticing emotions, because they serve to point you in the direction of situations that need clearing and to release negative feelings and unhealthy reactions to them.

Some examples for intentions this month include, improving your diet and overall health plan, cleaning out nooks and crannies at home or at the office, get ALL your errands done, simplify your routine, help others in little ways, budget your money, etc.  As we leave the lazy days of summer and enter the back to school and busier Fall months, this is the perfect time to create a system that enables you to be more productive in less time and with as little stress as possible.

Sun to Libra Sep 22 until Oct 23 – Main Mission
When the Sun moves from Virgo to Libra take some time off from routines and duties to socialize and have a good time with friends and lovers. Work on improving your existing relationships, and get out in the world to network and make new connections. You should find others are willing to cooperate and help you out, but if you do encounter conflict, seek the middle or common ground and the fair solution for all involved.

Libra energy wants us to spiff up, beautify our lives, and get our pretty on! Decorate your home, buy your Fall wardrobe, get a new ‘do, and bring balance, harmony, and peace to yourself and your environment.

Pluto turns Direct in Capricorn Sep 28 until Apr 2018
When Pluto reverses direction, you have the opportunity to understand where you use power and control in a positive or negative manner in your life. Pluto is also the planet who rules nuclear energy, so we may see how our country exerts itself in the effort to control the advancement of nuclear technology and the use of nuclear weapons by other countries; namely North Korea.

What is happening externally in the world is happening somewhere in your chart as well. We all tell ourselves a story about our life and what is happening around us. This story is true from our own perspective, but it may not be true when we step outside of the story to see it from the other side. Pluto challenges our version of the story and shows us where we need to edit and re-write the narrative to get closer to our essential selves, which is where the happy ending lies.

Pluto is a difficult planet to work with, because he requires a total breakdown of the old in order to replace it with the new. He is the planet of rock bottom and challenges you to go deeper in order to rise to your highest potential. Pluto wants you to handle and react to transformational change in a more empowered and self-actualized way in order to evolve and stay on your path.

Clients who have their 2017 Astro Report should re-read the Pluto section to keep his role in your chart front of mind as he changes direction, which is when you can really notice the current lessons. Although, if Pluto is active in your chart, it is hard to miss him!

Mercury to Libra Sep 29 until Oct 17 – Communication and Intellect 

Mercury turns on the charm as he moves into Libra, and communication styles and thought processes shift to a relationship oriented approach, so this is a good time to tackle any projects that require compromise or negotiating terms that satisfy a multitude of needs.

Meetings are more successful when held in a pleasant environment, and exercises and techniques that promote co-operation and team building can get everyone on the same page. Use tact, diplomacy, and charisma to influence and motivate, give others options to consider in decision making situations, and appreciate them for their ability to work together and play fair. You may not make a quick decision, but you can gain the necessary input to help you when you are ready to move forward.

Focus on listening to and understanding both sides of the equation, while validating the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others (regardless of whether they are useful to you or not) to create harmony in your interactions. No one likes to be the bad guy or make others feel uncomfortable under this energy, so you and others may let things slide, sugarcoat negative feedback, let someone else deal with the dirty work, or smile, nod, and go ahead and do what you were going to do anyway.

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