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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Aug 15 – 31, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo Aug 21 – Set Intentions

This New Moon Eclipse brings the same opportunity to use the lunar cycle to manifest in the way you do every month, but there is added emphasis, force, and strength to the energy. This is the second New Moon in Leo this month, which gives you the opportunity to reaffirm the intentions you set at the beginning of the month with the added benefit of the Solar Eclipse.

An eclipse can reveal something substantial that opens your eyes, causes a major shift, or brings an unexpected change that is meant to align your future direction with your life purpose. If you have planets in your Natal Chart that are aspected by the eclipse, then it is particularly important for you, and the eclipse is active for the next six months.

The Leo House of in your chart is where you rule your kingdom with your head held high, feel a sense of pride, and expect to be treated like royalty. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and all the adjectives that describe the Sun are used to describe this area of your life such as warm, sunny, bright, shiny, golden…

So as you experience the eclipse, set intentions to move toward what sets your soul on fire, and allow your passion and creativity to help you achieve your goals. Put yourself in the spotlight to receive the attention you want for yourself or your efforts, and make changes in your life that either ramp up the excitement and drama or eliminate it if it is not serving your higher purpose and mission. Leo is playful and loves an adventure and a party, so enjoy the rest of the summer and squeeze out every last opportunity to spend time in the Sun.

Sun to Virgo Aug 22 until Sep 22 – Main Mission
The Sun in Virgo gives you the opportunity to harness a practical, earthy, and hard working energy to get down to business in your life. The Sun shines a brighter light into the corners of the Virgo house in your chart to help you analyze what needs to stay and what needs to go, where you can be most productive, and where you can best serve yourself and others.

Watch for feelings of discontent or restlessness as well as any signals you get from your body such as nervousness or anxiety, to guide you toward what you need to work on. This is a great time to start a diet or health maintenance routine, especially those using purification techniques to eliminate toxins and chemicals.

Virgo is a sign that can accomplish big things in little ways, so push forward in this manner, and before you know it, you will be where you want to go.

Saturn turns Direct in Sagittarius Aug 25 until Apr 2018
When Saturn changes direction, there is a shift in energy; forward or direct is a time for learning and experiencing new things, and an opportunity to use the events, interactions, and energy you encounter to reach a new level of maturity in your life.  You may pick up where you left off before the retrograde on something you started between Aug 2016 and April of this year or feel a similar energy to that time period as Saturn retraces his steps before heading into new territory this Dec.

In Sagittarius, Saturn focuses on the big vision with a more optimistic and positive approach and a growing sense of freedom and independence, but not without limitations and the need for structure.  In whatever area of life Saturn is transiting, you become more serious about your personal growth and development with the ultimate goal of living more authentically.

If you have planets in Sagittarius, then you will be more intensely impacted by Saturn traveling through this sign, and you may work harder than you ever have before, finally achieve long-term goals, face realities of certain situations, or persevere through a tough problem and overcome obstacles.  The good news is that you have the force of the optimist, the spirit of the adventurer, and some extra fire and rocket fuel to help you get through it.

After his long retrograde, Saturn is ready to move forward, which means you are too!

Venus to Leo Aug 26 until Sep 19 – Relationships, Finances, Values
When Venus is in Leo she puts on her crown and rules her kingdom, and she wants to be adored, romanced, and pampered. She is a fierce lioness, who is passionate about love, relationships, and the things she values.

It is ok to put yourself first and be a little selfish about what you want, and you may be inspired to change your hair or buy yourself something fun. Watch out for drama, extravagance, and ego reactions in yourself and others, but do take the opportunity to grab the spotlight and put yourself out there to gain recognition and validation for your talents.

Show your love and appreciation by taking the time to make others feel special, remind them of their positive qualities, and be overly generous with your attention, heart, and affection.


Mercury Retrograde to Leo Aug 31 until Sep 9 – Your Brain

As Mercury continues his retrograde and retreats back into Leo he brings from Virgo the info you need, the objectivity and clarity that comes through critical thinking, and the earthy, intuitive awareness of where and how to apply your passion, heart, and love in the sign of Leo.

You either purr like a kitten or roar like a lion. Conversations are warm, expressive, and a bit opinionated, however it is easier to get your point across without things getting too personal. You are able to speak from your heart, be the authority or leader on a project or topic, and passionately promote yourself or toot your own horn with an authentic style.

This is one of the most fun and creative signs, so hold meetings in locations and settings that inspire others to play, explore ideas, show off, or hunt down a solution. Presentations should contain a bit of theatrics, drama, and/or sophistication, and storytelling and role playing is a great approach to communicating and engaging with individuals and groups.

There is a tendency for yourself and others to be overly sensitive to any direct criticism, ego energy runs high, and the ability to separate fact from fiction becomes blurred by the passion behind opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. You may want to hold off on performance reviews or constructive feedback and focus instead on praising the positive aspects in others to feed their egos and motivate performance.

Be conscious of over reacting to negative circumstances or causing this response in others, however be courageous with your perspective while acknowledging others for theirs even if you don’t totally agree. You can iron out the details and be more of a critic when Mercury moves back to Virgo after his retrograde.

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