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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Aug 1 – 15, 2017

Uranus in Aries turns Retrograde Aug 3 until Jan 3 2018 – Changes
When Uranus changes direction there is a shift in the energy and backward is an opportunity for revisiting what you have learned related to dealing with major, unexpected change in your life as well as the changes that are happening around you in the lives of others and in the world. Watch for situations that occur at the very beginning of the shift to understand what you will devote your time to during the retrograde, especially related to where Uranus is transiting your Natal Chart.

Uranus creates a revolution for your evolution and rocks your world, so hold on to your drink and stay on your pool floaty as you welcome changes to your own personal pool party. Know that sudden or shocking ah-ha moments brings awareness and the opportunity to constructively adjust your perceptions, views, and beliefs . Avoid resisting the energy, which will force Uranus to flip your float in order for you to get the lesson.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Aug 7 – Super Manifest

This Full Moon Eclipse brings the same opportunity to use the lunar cycle to manifest in the way you do every month, but there is added emphasis, force, and strength to the energy. An eclipse can reveal something substantial that opens your eyes, causes a major shift, or brings an unexpected change that is meant to align your future direction with your life purpose. If you have planets in your Natal Chart that are aspected by the eclipse, then it is particularly important for you, and the eclipse is active for the next six months.

This Full Moon is a time to balance the self-centered Sun energy of Leo with the community aligned Moon energy of Aquarius in the process of manifesting your goals. You can use the Full Moon to stay emotionally detached, observant, and objective, and focus on the future and long-term solutions. You may be inspired by a new idea, or the spark of an innovative approach motivates you to move forward in a new and unique way.

The House where Aquarius rules is an area of life that inspires you to take a more progressive approach, be unique, involve people who naturally work well on your team, while at the same time allowing you to be YOU and not THEM (no co-dependency here). Find a purpose behind your desires, improve your environment to include sustainable practices, and be a wacky scientist and experiment within your own life.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and there is revolution and resistance in the air, which is working somewhere in your life as well. There is a choice between fighting battles with humanitarian efforts, community support and outreach, and rebelling against conformity, OR by ensuring personal needs are met, protecting and securing, avoiding groups, and living in the drama. The key is finding balance between the two by asking:

Where do I hold on too tightly and only think about me and my needs rather than the needs of the collective? How can I reach out to others and offer my unique self as part of the solution? Where can I be more forward thinking and less conservative in my approach? Is there a support group or someone I can collaborate with to help me with this problem or opportunity? Can I be more rational and detached rather than allowing my passion and emotion to cloud my judgement?

Take the time to understand the Aquarius and Leo energy in your chart and in your life to consciously manifest in your Aquarian House during this Full Moon.

Mercury in Virgo Turns Retrograde Aug 12 until Sep 1 – Your Brain 

When Mercury begins to move backward in Virgo, the usual care should be taken with communications, travel, and technology, and you may feel the urge to re-do something related to the sign of Virgo such as re-organize, re-analyze, or re-examine. Pay special attention to the area of life ruled by Virgo in your Natal Chart for clues to what needs to be re-addressed over the next couple of weeks. Virgo is a perfectionist, and this retrograde is a critical time to dial in and fine tune your life, a project, or a future goal.

Communication styles and thought processes shift to a more precise, detail oriented, and practical approach, so keep this in mind when presenting ideas, plans, or projects. Do your research, state the facts, describe exactly what needs to be done and how, and use logic and reasoning to persuade others to your way of thinking.

Meetings should be well organized and structured to avoid getting caught up in the details and losing perspective, and finding and stating common ground at the start is most effective and keeps everyone on track. It is not a good time to focus on the big picture, future vision, or blue sky planning, and it is best to focus on the practical, day-to-day routine and eliminate anything that is no longer useful from your work or life in general.

This is a get in the weeds, roll up your sleeves, or get down and dirty energy. Virgo brings out the OCD in the best of us, and it is easy to become overly analytical (aka critical) of ourselves and others as well as think that we know the best way to get the job done (but so do they). Recognize others in tangible ways or with acts of service to show appreciation, and give praise for their intellectual capabilities, communication skills, and good grammar :).

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