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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Jul 15 – 31, 2017

Mars to Leo Jul 20 until Sep 6 – Actions, Anger, and Male Energy
As Mars leaves the emotional, less direct, and passive/aggressive energy of Cancer, he becomes the hero in Leo; confident, fixed on his target, and he asks you to take action in a way that allows you to find meaning in the areas of life where the Sun rules your chart. This is the house of your true calling, and if you are not sure what that is, there are many planets joining Mars in this sign over the next couple of weeks to help you find out.  Mars is here to hunt down your life purpose and help you use your passion, ambition, and power to drive you forward to achieve dramatic results.  Take notice of what you are drawn to take action toward, because it may relate to the eclipse story that kicks off Aug 21st also in your Leo House.

Use your own authentic version of personal magnetism and charm to get what you want, be courageous, brave, and a strong leader for yourself and others, and take only what you need rather than what your ego wants.  Avoid being combative and ornery, watch out for flaring tempers, ego driven actions and reactions, or taking a prideful position.  Use this fiery, leonine energy to your advantage by consciously controlling the amount of fuel you add to your own personal fire and understand how your ego can help or hurt in your efforts to move forward in your life.

Sun to Leo Jul 22 until Aug 22 – Main Mission
We all have the opportunity to party like a rock star and celebrate in the area of life contained in our Leo House. You may feel and show great affection for others and come up with big plans to make the people in your life feel loved, happy, or happier.  Go after what you want like a lion on the hunt, and savor what you gain in the process.

Leo loves to live the good life and show off what they have and who they are in a bold and courageous manner, so go for the gusto, but try to stay humble and keep your ego in check.  Light the grill, invite some party animals over, and soak up the sun and fun!  Work hard, play hard, and relax hard as the summer unfolds!

New Moon in Leo Jul 23 – Set Intentions

Where in your life do you rule your kingdom with your head held high, feel a sense of pride, and expect to be treated like royalty? This is probably the Leo House of your Natal Chart, which is ruled by the Sun, and all the adjectives that describe the Sun are used to describe this area of your life such as warm, sunny, bright, shiny, golden, etc.

For this New Moon, set intentions for what sets your soul on fire, and allow your passion and creativity to help you achieve your goals during this Lunar cycle. Put yourself in the spotlight to receive the attention you want for yourself or your efforts, and make changes in your life that either ramp up the excitement and drama or eliminate it when it is not serving your higher purpose and mission. Leo is playful and loves an adventure and a party, so enjoy the rest of the summer and squeeze out every last opportunity to spend time in the Sun.

Mercury to Virgo Jul 25 until Aug 31 – Communication and Intellect 

Did you get any messages from Mercury during his trip through Leo related to your Leo house and eclipse story?  If not, he will visit Leo again on Sep 1st during his retrograde cycle, which starts Aug 13th.  During the eclipse timeframe, he will be in Virgo, which is highly analytical of the situations and circumstances that arise and will help you process through your six month eclipse mission.  As he retreats back in to Leo, he will help you with the info you need, the objectivity and clarity that comes through critical thinking, and the earthy awareness of where and how to apply your passion, heart, and love.

While in Virgo, communication styles and thought processes shift to a more precise, detail oriented, and practical approach, so keep this in mind when presenting ideas, plans, or projects. Do your research, state the facts, describe exactly what needs to be done and how, and use logic and reasoning to persuade others to your way of thinking.

Meetings should be well organized and structured to avoid getting caught up in the details and losing perspective, and finding and stating common ground at the start is most effective and keeps everyone on track. It is not a good time to focus on the big picture, future vision, or blue sky planning, and it is best to focus on the practical, day-to-day routine and eliminate anything that is no longer useful from your work or life in general.

This is a get in the weeds, roll up your sleeves, or get down and dirty energy. Virgo brings out the OCD in the best of us, and it is easy to become overly analytical (aka critical) of ourselves and others as well as think that we know the best way to get the job done (and so do they). Recognize others in tangible ways or with acts of service to show appreciation, and give praise for their intellectual capabilities, communication skills, and good grammar :).

Venus to Cancer Jul 31 until Aug 26 – Relationships, Female Energy, and Money 
When Venus is in Cancer, love and relationships feel more familiar, nurturing, sensitive, and wholesome, and you are more willing to give comfort and care to your loved ones, which is how to show your love for them. Venus is motherly in this sign, and you may find women and women’s topics become more of a focus this month or think about how the role of mother has played out in your life.

This month, feather your nest with purchases for your home, especially related to the kitchen, dining areas and entertaining, as well as adding comfort or security items. Feelings and actions are more important than words, and a personal touch is appreciated, but be aware that you or others may be a bit moody and persnickety and need some space at times. This Venus is ruled by the Moon, and as the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days, your female and Venusian energy will change along with it.  Try to go with the flow, curl up in your favorite spot at home, go on a retreat, share sentimental memories, eat good food, and be grateful for family and friends.

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