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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Jul 1 – 15, 2017

Venus to Gemini Jul 4 until Jul 31 – Relationships, Female Energy, and Money 
When Venus moves into Gemini love and relationships become lighthearted, social, chatty, and intellectual. Appreciate others with words of validation and affirmation, and recognize them for their brainpower or for providing you what you need. Go out to socialize and network with your existing circle and be open to making new and interesting connections as well.

It is a good time to have a casual conversation about your relationship and include a bit of humor to keep things from becoming too serious. Avoid the deeper issues, but give some clues as to where they lie to potentially solve things before they get more emotionally intense or crabby when Venus goes into Cancer at the end of the month.

You may shop till you drop and come home without a bag, because you are unable to decide what to buy, or you go ahead and buy something you couldn’t live without but hate it when you get it home.  So, window shopping is the best approach to all emotional and financial decisions.

Expect your interests to shift from one thing to another, especially related to intellectual activities, and try a variety of new things. Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and as he goes in to Leo tomorrow, there is an opportunity to find your passion project, because the heart and mind can connect through the right relationships or conversations.  The Full Moon in Capricorn later this week takes your idea and the fire power down to earth and gives you the ability to make it every thing happen!

Mercury to Leo Jul 5 until Jul 25 – Communication and Intellect 

When Mercury is in Leo, you either purr like a kitten or roar like a lion! Conversations are warm, expressive, and a bit opinionated, however it is easier to get your point across without things getting too personal. This is a good time to tell others about your ideas and vision, because you are able to speak from your heart, be the authority or leader on a project or topic, and passionately promote yourself or toot your own horn with an authentic style.

This is one of the most fun and creative signs, so hold meetings in locations and settings that inspire others to play, explore ideas, show off, or hunt down a solution. Presentations should contain a bit of theatrics, drama, and/or sophistication, and storytelling and role playing is a great approach to communicating and engaging with individuals and groups.

There is a tendency for yourself and others to be overly sensitive to any direct criticism, ego energy runs high, and the ability to separate fact from fiction becomes blurred by the passion behind opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. You may want to hold off on performance reviews or constructive feedback and focus instead on praising the positive aspects in others to feed their egos and motivate performance.

Be conscious of over reacting to negative circumstances or causing this response in others, especially if you are idealistic by nature, however be courageous with your perspective while acknowledging others for theirs even if you don’t totally agree. You can iron out the details and be more of a critic when Mercury moves to Virgo at the end of the month.

Full Moon in Capricorn on Jul 9 – Manifest

Level UP, because this Full Moon is all business!  If you have recently had an interesting conversation, met the right person at the right time, or want to get started on a new passion project, use this moon to take you and your creative ideas or new relationship to the next level.

You probably have an area of your life that you try to run like a Fortune 500 company, which is the House in your Natal Chart ruled by Capricorn. You have a strong vision for what you want to achieve, you take the lead if it involves others, and you execute your plan like a CEO.  At the Full Moon, the Sun in Cancer balances this energy by highlighting the needs of your family and personal life, which may be an area that is ignored or taken for granted when you devote your full focus to achievement and success.

Work/Life balance is a theme, so find new ways to feel good about both without sacrificing one for the other.  For example:

Where do schedules, deadlines, and commitments get in the way of nurturing yourself and others? What area of life do you need to lighten up a little and not sweat the small stuff? Where do you want to control and dominate versus follow and cooperate?

Take some time to consider how the Capricorn/Cancer energy plays out in your chart, and then make the changes necessary to manifest more harmony between the two.

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