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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Jun 1 -15, 2017

Mars to Cancer Jun 4 until Jul 20 – Actions, Anger, and Male Energy

When Mars is in Cancer he slows down and takes action from an emotional and sensitive position.  You want to care about what you are doing, or you won’t want to do it, and you expect others to care just as much as you do.  Your energy fluctuates and feels a bit erratic, you approach things from different angles, and although you may start and stop on projects, you can power through with perseverance when you feel like it.

The area of your chart ruled by Cancer is where you feel at home and naturally want to interact with family, so it is a good time to take on  maintenance projects around the house, get the yard ready for summer, or  help out a family member.  You can motivate others to get involved by connecting with their emotions or actually getting emotional, which can range all the way from crying to jumping up and down with enthusiasm.  Although somewhat passive aggressive, the Crab will get angry and take an offensive position when something close to home is threatened, and you or others may be a bit overprotective of what or who you value.

Use this energy positively by connecting with what nurtures you and makes you feel secure and comforted, and accomplish something or make changes in your life that bring you a sense of coming home.  Spend time by water, ride the wave by going out when you feel like it and stay in your shell when you want peace and quiet, cook, enjoy good food, and feed others, and try not to pinch anyone when angry.

Venus to Taurus Jun 6 until Jul 4 – Relationships, Female Energy, and Money 

Venus stops running at high speed and slows down and calms down to find love in secure, solid, comfortable, and satisfying relationships. Focus on the beauty and familiarity contained within your every day interactions, express to others the value they create in your life, and show your appreciation with affection, loyalty, and reliability.

Venus in Taurus is sensual and uses all her senses, so plant some love seeds, keep things simple and natural, gaze at things you love, dine on comfort food and fine wine, and get cozy. You may want to spend $$ on a luxury vacation, comfort items for your home, or a classic summer outfit that will last many seasons. Invest in quality rather than quantity, and watch your money and relationships grow.

Mercury to Gemini Jun 6 until Jun 21 – Communication and Intellect 

This is one of Mercury’s favorite signs, because he is nimble, light on his feet, and able to deliver messages quickly and easily, so listen closely to what he has to say to you about your Gemini House. Conversations are witty, enthusiastic, and interesting, your mind is more intellectually oriented, and bright ideas are flying around, so reach out and grab one.

Hold meetings in new locations or in places you haven’t been to before, and focus agendas on topics that allow participants to satisfy their curiosity, think outside the box, and cover unchartered territory. Stimulate creativity by using different types of communication tools or techniques. Present both sides of things and include what is similar as well as what is different in each case. It may not be easy to pick one side or the other, but at least all the options are on the table. Use your smarts, adapt to your environment and those around you, and don’t be afraid to change your mind once, or twice, or more…..

Full Moon in Sagittarius on Jun 9 – Manifest

The Sagittarius Full Moon wants you to go on an adventure, assert your independence and freedom, feed your passions, and be the world’s nicest badass. This Moon seeks the truth and finds emotional comfort in having strong beliefs and philosophies and will stand up for what is right even if it stands alone.

As Saturn moves backward through this sign, you may manifest new personal values based on what he has been teaching you about your existing beliefs. Remember what you believe, and the story you tell yourself is what then manifests in your life.  Take a break from your usual routine, use nature and natural settings to open your mind and awaken to possibilities, and choose to see new pathways forward to gain the most benefit.

Seeking and finding the truth will set you free, which is your guiding filter for maximizing the potential of this Full Moon.  Keep in mind that what is true for you is only true for you and may not be true for others, which reduces the tendency for over preaching or looking for converts, or encountering conflict.

The Sun in Gemini, your conscious world and ego, is giving you options, information, and media input to assist you, and the Moon, your emotions and unconscious, provides a big picture approach and takes the high road – although sometimes you may literally USE the high road to run away from difficulties.  Tap in to the optimistic, upbeat, and future focused energy, maximize your own potential or the potential in the things you are working on, release any unnecessary details, and give yourself some space and the permission to freely express your authenticity, wisdom, and adventurous spirit. Most importantly, you gotta have hope and faith, because this is what Sag does best, and we can all use a little of both in our lives right now.

Jupiter in Libra Turns Direct until Mar 2018 – Growth & Development
When Jupiter turns direct, we use what we learned, the wisdom we achieved, and the refinement of our higher beliefs to move forward toward our vision for the future, especially related to the House in your Natal Chart where Jupiter is transiting.  This area of life is a place where you naturally must partner with others and form relationships to be successful, and you find it easier to connect, relate, and integrate to accomplish your goals.

While Jupiter is in this sign, new relationships may form and existing relationships can get stronger, but keep in mind the most important relationship you have is with yourself, so make sure YOU come first. Live with integrity, provide yourself with the growth experiences you need, and gain wisdom through teaching and learning moments.

At this point, you should have a good idea of what Jupiter is helping you with while he is in Libra, and you should pay attention to what happens as he shifts forward to be even clearer about what you need to accomplish between now and Oct when he reaches the end of Libra and moves on to deep, intense, and transformational Scorpio.

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