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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter May 15 – 31, 2017

Mercury to Taurus May 16 until Jun 6 – Communication and Intellect 
When Mercury moves into Taurus communications and thought processes shift into a lower gear, conversations are deliberate, thoughtful, and practical, and how you say something is just as important as what you are saying.

The mind is beautiful and uses all of your senses to process information, understand situations, and inspire others. The energy is grounded and earthy, so use your common sense as your guidance system and grow positivity in your life.

Meeting settings should be tasteful and experiential and allow participants to see demonstrations, physically participate, and take abstract concepts to some form of reality, because everything you imagine can be made real.  Agendas should be simple and deal with practical matters that concern those involved, add value to them or the organization, or focus on money making ideas.

Discussions move slowly and surely or follow a process, and there may be a tendency for yourself or others to stubbornly attach to opinions and ideas or stand firm in convictions, but you can’t change what you don’t confront, so prod the process along and patiently take the necessary amount of time to get to a well-thought out direction or decision.

Sun to Gemini May 20 until Jun 21 – Main Mission
As the Sun moves into the time of Gemini, the energy is youthful, mischievous, and variety is the spice of life. You are more curious about everything, and you use your intellect and communications skills to shine in the area of life ruled by Gemini in your Natal Chart.

It is a good month to reach out to friends and siblings for a chat, plan lots of activities to keep yourself and others busy, and learn a little bit about many different things.  Keep the mood light, fun, and interesting, use your network, take quick trips, sign the kids up for summer camp, and enjoy the social buzz.

There is an indecisive side to this sign, so focus on researching or collecting information for future projects and plans, or put together a pros and cons list to help with choosing between options at a later date.  Gemini often has to do everything twice, so if you like it, do it again!

New Moon in Gemini May 25 – Set Intentions
This New Moon is intellectual, social, clever, and curious, and you can set intentions for how and what you communicate, learn something new, or collect information for your goals or projects.  Assess your role in your social circle, your interactions with friends and acquaintances, and the things you like to do with them…..

Do you want to be more social? Do you need to find friends who share your interests or want to try a new activity with you? Have you lost touch with someone you really enjoyed and want to reconnect?

No two things are ever exactly alike, and you can use the Gemini energy to engage your powers of discernment to see the similarities as well as the differences. If there is a situation that you need to understand from both sides with an objective less emotional approach, then this is a good time to analyze, observe, and sort it out.  You may not make a decision, because you can see equal potential for more than one option, or because the amount of info is too overwhelming and you need time to process. Remember, there’s magic in the details as long as you don’t get lost in them.

This Lunar Cycle, you may want to break routines, change things up, and keep busy with a multitude of activities and tasks, and you get a lot accomplished, especially in the area of life where this New Moon falls in your Natal Chart. Call a friend for coffee, use your imagination and mind, don’t try to stick to schedules or timelines, ask questions, and use your relationships to talk things out, especially if you encounter issues or blocks.

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