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Cary Carbonaro: The Money Queen’s Horoscope

I asked my financial advisor, Cary Carbonaro, to be my first real life astrology example.  Let’s look at why she is a good person to partner with when it comes to my finances as well as how what she does for a living and her branding is represented in her birth chart.
In this video, the first thing Cary says is, “to me the most important thing about money is FREEDOM.”  Cary is a Sun sign Aquarius, so everything in her life is about freedom. Aquarians are future focused, really good at using the systems of society such as the stock market as tools in executing their mission, and they like having the basics and necessities of life responsibly taken care of and secured, which then gives them the freedom to go out and live beyond just a normal life.  These are the gifts they offer to the collective and what they are here to do.
The houses that rule finances are the 2nd House, your own money and how you earn income, and the 8th House, other people’s money or money that other people give you that isn’t related to paying for your services as well as money you pay to others.  The planet that rules finances and how you feel about money and other assets is for the most part Venus with Jupiter and Pluto playing minor roles.
In Cary’s chart, the money that other people give to her is ruled by Taurus on the 8th House cusp, and Taurus is ruled by Venus, the money planet, who also rules her entire chart…..Show Me the Money.  This is a good indication that Cary is going to be very careful, practical, responsible, and somewhat conservative with how she treats the investments she is entrusted with, she seeks to understand what her clients value, and she uses her values and personal belief in the concept of abundance and enjoying the good things in life balanced with planning for the future as part of her approach.  Her Moon is in Taurus as well, which shows she is a “material girl” and emotionally connected to wealth and building security.
Her Venus is in Capricorn, which I describe above, so I know she is going to work hard at what she does, she is a business woman, and she will use a solid process, plan, and strategy to get the results we want (I also have a Venus in Capricorn).  Her Venus is located in the 3rd House of communication, which gives me the confidence to know she will keep me informed, and Venus rules her Libra ascendant, so one of the most important components in her life and something she truly values are the relationships she has around her.
Cary has branded herself the Money Queen, which I love!  A queen is ruled by Leo, so I looked for where Leo is positioned in her chart and found it at the very top on the cusp of her 10th House of career, reputation, and life purpose.  I’d say she’s picked the right branding, because it’s written right there in the stars!  Also, notice the leopard print she is wearing in her professional headshot, which is very representative of Leo, as well as her good mane, I mean hair.  She enjoys being in the spotlight when it comes to her career and is able to get the attention she needs to successfully market herself and what she does.
The Full Moon on Jan 23 is at 3 degrees Leo and is exactly on her Mid Heaven, which can signify being recognized for following her life purpose or something having to do with her career and sometimes a change in reputation or status such as a marriage.  Just as I was writing this newsletter, she posted a video that shows her accepting an award for MVP at her company’s national conference, and she may find this isn’t the only award or pat on the back she receives this month as the Moon moves from new to full.
The energy of the Sun in Aquarius and Venus and Mercury in Capricorn combined with the Full Moon in Leo, gives you the ability to be a Money Queen or King this month as well.  It is a good time to meet with your financial advisor or read Cary’s book, The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want Build Wealth and Banish Fear, and develop a solid investment strategy for this year and into the future.
If you are interested in doing a career profile or using astrology to build your personal brand, l can help.  I would love some feedback on this part of the newsletter as well.  I am trying to keep it simple to give you an understanding of how the current astrology can play out in the real life of others, which I hope allows you to take action in your own life.  If you have suggestions or would like to be used as a future example, contact me here.

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