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September 1 – 15, 2015 Astrology Newsletter

Venus Direct in Leo Sep 6 until Oct 8
Who and what you love is what you have been working on since the end of July when Venus, the planet ruling beauty, money, relationships, and the things you value and desire, began her retrograde journey.  Above all, she is a critical component in committed relationships, and even if she didn’t stir things up in your life, you couldn’t help but notice how many celebrity break-ups and marriages happened over this past month.  The volatility in the stock market is another Venus ruled area, and again there were lots of highs and lots of lows as she shook things up on the macro level, which may have impacted you and your financial planning on the personal level.

Just before and as Venus moved backward, you may have become highly aware of an issue that needed attention in your life.  You may have thought about what you want to do about it, released things that were ready to leave and cleared space for the new to come in, defined a vision for the future, and put a plan together to make it happen.  Hopefully it was this logical, and you didn’t cash in your 401K, elope, and buy a Maserati!  Continue this process, because the story isn’t over until she goes through Leo again and back into Virgo next month, but it is now OK to begin making changes and taking action on your plan.

Using my chart as an example for the retrograde process, Venus is transiting my 1st House, which rules the body, essential self, and appearance.  As she moved forward into this house, I became aware of an issue with my teeth.  As she moved backward my dentist confirmed the problem, a treatment plan was developed, and the old teeth were removed.  Now as she moves forward again, I finish the story with a new implant.  Leo rising can be very proud of their hair, but I think we are equally proud of our teeth, so this was not an easy change.  Hopefully this example helps you to understand what your story is and how it connects to the current astrology, which I would love to hear about if you are willing to share.  You have another chance to practice how this works when Mercury goes retrograde later this month.

Whether this retrograde was an internal process or an external event that you initiated or reacted to, the opportunity during the Venus Retrograde is to review these areas and understand how they operate in your life and make the changes that move you forward on your love journey.  Remember that Venus in Leo is fierce, courageous, a little self-centered, and the ruler of her kingdom, so put on your crown and fall in love with yourself, your life, and everyone and everything in it.  Follow your heart, use your passion and creative fire, and light up your life with what you love!

New Moon Eclipse in Virgo – Sep 13 – Set Intentions
We have two eclipses this month at the New and Full Moons.  In general, an eclipse brings the same opportunity to use the lunar cycle to set intentions and manifest in the same way you do every month, but there is added emphasis and strength to the energy.  If you have planets in your natal chart that are activated by the eclipse, then it is particularly important for you, and the energy is in place for about the next six months.

According to Bernadette Brady’s book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, “this eclipse brings a high level of stress and individuals may experience a taxing of strength.  Events that occur require the expenditure of effort, and there can be physical concerns as well as worry or obsessive thinking.”  If you feel any of these descriptions apply to you, then you know the eclipse is activating your Natal Chart, and there is something that needs to be dealt with in your life.  These feelings are pointing the way to where you need to focus and potentially make changes.

A Lunar Eclipse brings the unconscious and the conscious and your emotions and ego together for the same mission, which in Virgo is related to every day life.  You may want to set the intention to get your life in order or get down to business by focusing on the details, especially in the house ruled by Virgo.  Use the skills of Virgo:  analysis, observation, mind/body connection, micromanagement, curiosity, and control to deal with the area of life you want to address.

Delve into the details to determine what is useful, practical, and helpful around you and in your routine, and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or fill a supportive role any longer.  Some examples for intentions this month include, improving your diet and overall health plan, cleaning out nooks and crannies such as your closets, pantry, garage, or office, get ALL your errands done, simplify your routine, help others in little ways, budget your money, etc.  As we leave the lazy days of summer and enter the back to school and busier Fall months, this is the perfect time to create a system that enables you to be more productive in less time and with as little stress as possible.

I am happy to let you know which house in your chart the eclipse falls into, just send me an email, and if you are a new client, include your birth date, time, and location.  Enjoy the beginning of the month, because the last two weeks have lots of planets changing signs and directions and the second eclipse!

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