Astrology can help you.....

  • Find your unique purpose in life

  • Solve a problem or set a goal

  • Time an important event

  • Improve relationships

Book a session today to start feeling happier, healthier, more aware, and use astrology to live the life of your dreams!

What Is My Purpose?

Are you unsure about your life direction or career path or about to make a decision or a big change in profession?  We all want a job that utilizes our natural talents and skills, fulfills our need to connect with a daily routine and environment that suits our personal preferences, and to work for a leader or company that inspires us to make a difference.  Most importantly we want to connect to our life purpose and MAKE MONEY to provide for ourselves and family with the least amount of stress.

This reading includes a 1 hour consultation to review your career, job, and financial houses in your Natal Chart and focuses on the options for types of careers as well as the people, places, customers, and activities that you prefer as part of your work environment. Current opportunities or decisions can be included to evaluate options and figure out the best timing for making changes.  You will receive an electronic copy of your chart and report, and you are welcome to record the session.

Click here to schedule your Career and Life Purpose Reading.  Please include your birth date, time, and location, your current career and any potential opportunities or pending decisions, as well as any questions.  Let me know whether we will be meeting in-person or remotely via Skype.

Career Chart with 1 Hour Consultation  $150.00

This reading is an ideal gift for young adults as they begin to think about college.  The commitment to a course of study can be overwhelming for some, and together we can narrow down or validate their options.  The choice of a college can be a challenge as well, and an evaluation of the location of their school with their chart will show what strengths and challenges may be prevalent when they relocate.

About Gina

Are you curious about Astrology? Do you want to align with your life purpose, understand your challenges, and discover the gifts and natural talents contained in your astrology chart? I can help you use your unique astrology to solve problems, dream a new vision for your future, make a plan to get there, and have more fun in the process by following the path of least resistance. Book a session today to start feeling more happiness and satisfaction as you watch your dreams come true...

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