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Re-Birth Day Charts

This is my absolute favorite reading!  Every year, the sun returns to the exact position in the sky as it was the moment you were born, which is why the technique is called a solar return.  This day and time is your own unique re-birth day, and creates a new horoscope for the coming year. The interpretation of your horoscope gives you great insight to the opportunities you can expect and the challenges you may face through the relationships, events, and situations you attract.  With this information in hand, you become more conscious in your life and can maximize the opportunities and prepare yourself for the challenges, which allows you to go with the flow of your life rather than reacting unconsciously as the year unfolds.  The positions of the planets at the time of your annual re-birth tells a story complete with characters, settings, and scripts.

Here’s how it works:

The Sun is the most significant planet in the chart and its position and sign shows the area of life that will be emphasized over the coming year and where you will spend your time and energy.  You receive your mission from the Sun, and he influences all of the other planets in your chart, especially if there is an aspect which allows the Sun to talk to another planet.

The Moon is your emotions, your unconscious self, and the position and sign may indicate where you can expect changes or fluctuations in your life. She emphasizes the things you care about and nurture, how you express your feelings, and what areas of life will be pulling on your heart strings.  She helps all the planets she touches express or withhold their emotions.

Mercury is all about your thoughts, your mental condition, and how you communicate, and he will show you the area of life that is most likely to be “on your mind” this year.  He helps all the other planets tell their story, and helps you communicate in the world.

Venus is the planet of love, desire, and money and she will show you the relationships that are important this year, where and how your money flows, and what gives you pleasure.  And, yes, she can tell you if your soul mate is on the way!

Mars – This guy is all about action, energy, manifesting, and activities.  He shows you what will make you angry, what you will be attracted to and passionate about, and what you are motivated to achieve. He is red for a reason!

Jupiter is the planet of luck, opportunity, growth and expansion, as well as your philosophy of life.  He shows you what you will find interesting, want to learn more about, or find your religion through.  He brings you wisdom and a vision for the future. We like Jupiter!

Saturn is not as fun as Jupiter……he shows us where we feel restricted or constrained and where we need more structure in our lives.  He presents us with choices designed to push us to grow, reassess, learn our life lessons, and reach new levels of maturity.  By knowing Saturn’s role for the year, you can potentially limit the amount of banging your head against the wall and face reality or your fears more quickly and move toward solving issues and challenges rather than resisting.

Uranus – Ch-ch-ch-changes….turn and face the change.  Whether you are feeling restless, frustrated, out of control, or just want to be a free bird, Uranus will show you the area of life that you can expect to feel the need to change in a significant way (or that someone will change for you).

Neptune – His job is to help you seek higher consciousness spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  He will show you what area of life you will focus on with the intention to bring it to the next level such as relationships, service to others, creativity, career, or daily practices.

Pluto = Power.  Pluto shows you where you have power or power struggles, and how you will use your power for transformation, evolution, control, and change.  Those who choose to remain the same where Pluto is asking for change, get stuck!  Those who are aware of the need for change and move with it can have truly life changing transformations.

As you can see, there is lots of information contained in your yearly horoscope, especially when it is tailored specifically to you and not a generic forecast for all individuals with your sun sign.  It is truly a road map for understanding what the heck is goin’ on.  I am always amazed by the synchronicity of the stars and planets and the activities in my own life and those of my clients.  If you are interested in giving it a try, click here for more info.



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