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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Apr 15 – 30, 2017

Sun to Taurus Apr 19 until May 20 – Your Main Mission
As the Sun moves into the time of Taurus, you focus your energy, work hard, and shine in the area of life ruled by Taurus in your Natal Chart. You stick to anything you put your conscious effort toward, use all of your senses to point you in the right direction, and persist to the end.

Look around at your environment and change anything that would bring more comfort to your every day routine, and purchase good quality items that are both pretty and practical.  You may feel the desire to experience the good things in life, so splurge if you feel the urge.

Be aware of resistance to change, because you and others may hold on to old routines, possessions, and people long past their expiration date unless you truly see the value in releasing the security of what you know already works. Spring reaches its peak and your senses are alive, so watch things grow, stop and smell the fragrance in the air, listen to the birds, use your hands and be creative, taste the fresh spring vegetables, and make solid, steady progress toward your goals.

Pluto in Capricorn turns Retrograde Apr 20 until Sep 29 – Power, Control, and Transformational Change

When Pluto moves backward he brings the opportunity to understand where you use these life changing energies in a positive or negative manner. He is a difficult planet to work with, because he often requires a total breakdown of the old way of doing things in order to replace it with the new. Pluto is the planet of rock bottom and challenges you to go deeper in order to rise to your highest potential.

In the collective he rules nuclear energy, and he has been ramping up in the news lately.  For example the confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court led to enacting the nuclear option, BIG bombs dropped in multiple countries, and North Korea testing nuclear missiles.  We could see these situations escalate and come to a head just before, during, and after the station on the 20th.

Similarly somewhere in your life, you may be considering pushing the button and nuking something in order to bring an end to a situation, which allows you to re-set from a decimated but uninhibited place.  These big decisions and turning points require a conscious awareness of your responsibility in events and an understanding of who and what is harmed in the process as well as the long-term consequences.  So take a breath before you press go and run for cover, because Pluto ultimately wants you to handle and react to transformational change in a more empowered and self-actualized way in order to evolve and stay on your path.

Those who have their Natal Chart and 2017 Astro Report should re-read the Pluto section to keep his role in your life and this year’s mission front of mind as he changes direction, which is when you can really notice the current lessons. Although, if Pluto is active in your chart, it is hard to miss him.

Mercury Retrograde to Aries Apr 20 until May 16 – Communication and Intellect 

How is the Mercury Retrograde treating you?  Continue taking the usual care with communications, travel, and technology until Mercury turns direct May 4th. When Mercury moves from Taurus back into Aries communications and thought processes are more feisty, independent, assertive, direct, and to the point. You don’t appreciate delays, roadblocks, or speed bumps, and if it is to your advantage, you may streamline, skip steps, skim, and take shortcuts along the way, so be careful not to miss important details.

Meetings should be held in environments that allow the participants to move around, no desks or tables, and consider including some kind of physical activity as part of the program.  The energy is motivating and fun, so inspire others with your passion, leadership, and pioneering spirit. Agendas should be as short as possible and focus on visioning, initiating, and starting new things. Discussions are loud, energetic, and enthusiastic, and there may be a tendency for everyone to be personally attached to their own ideas, but compromise can be reached by describing what’s in it for them. Decisions are made quickly and may not consider all the minutiae involved, so get the head nod and be willing to figure out how to execute for yourself once Mercury moves forward again and returns to Taurus where he is much better at manifesting his ideas.

Mars to Gemini Apr 21 until Jun 4 – Actions, Anger, and Male Energy

When Mars is in Gemini he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee! You want to get out of the house, be more social with a diversity of people and in a variety of environments, network, connect what you are doing with what others are doing, and talk, talk, and talk.  You are a busy bee, but if you get angry, you may use words as a weapon either verbally or in an email you may wish you never sent.  Actions are a bit scattered and unfocused, you want to mix it up and do different things every day to avoid feeling bored, but you may take on too many projects, which causes you to ignore or dismiss important details or find yourself unable to follow through and complete what you started. Focus!

Photo Credit:  Brian T Jones, Invergordon, Scotland
New Moon in Taurus Apr 26 – Set Intentions

This New Moon is one of the most fertile, creative, and abundant of the year, and you can set intentions to build a solid and comfortable foundation, especially in the area of life where this New Moon falls in your Natal Chart.  You may want to spend time on your finances and set goals for creating wealth and abundance related to long-term investments that build future security. You may also think about where you have held on too long, whether it is material possessions or relationships, and release your grip to allow more beneficial situations and people to enter your life.

There is an opportunity to either build routine into chaotic situations or break a routine that has allowed you to become complacent or stuck.  Where are you resisting change or pushing back too hard? What needs to change in order to make you feel more emotionally and physically comfortable, stable, grounded, and secure? Who do you want to spend quality time with to feel more romantic and add a little magic to your relationship life? What do you want to create artistically, materially, physically, or spiritually?

Taurus knows what it wants and is patient, persistent in going after it, taps in to the abundance of the Universe, and expertly manifests desires in real world form.  There is little satisfaction in the usual, because you want to go for the good stuff.  When we were in Scotland, we watched this “Scottish Coo” pull each branch down, which was not an easy task, in order to nibble on the young leaves above rather than eating the usual diet of grass below.  Just like this cow, you can tap into your instinctual nature to know where you need to apply yourself and use a little more effort to take advantage of an upgrade during this Lunar Cycle.

Venus to Aries Apr 28 until Jun 6 – Relationships, Female Energy, and Money 

When Venus returns once again to Aries women are more aggressive, direct, and not as well-behaved or socially acceptable.  Situations that were stuck or stalled during the past couple of months of the Venus retrograde will suddenly move forward again.  If you manage the Aries energy well, then love and relationships become fun-loving, flirtatious, passionate, and energetic, and you can show your love to others by being open and honest, participating in activities, taking risks, and being spontaneous.  Overall, relationships feel refreshed, so put on that red dress, live in the moment, light some candles, and turn up the heat.

On the flip side, Venus in Aries has to consciously control her impulses and keep her flame from turning into a forest fire, which can happen if disagreements escalate to arguments (or all out war), assertive empowerment turns to aggression, or anger moves to a whirling dervish of fury.  Watch for events happening related to women, relationships, and financial situations in the world and the areas in your life ruled by Aries or Venus.

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