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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter – March 15 – 31, 2017

Sun to Aries Mar 20 until Apr 19 – Your Main Mission
When the Sun is on the degree of 00 Aries, Spring has sprung, and it marks the beginning of a new astrological year. We all have 00 Aries, the Spring Equinox, somewhere in our chart, which is a special point of rebirth that inspires us with new ideas, projects, or changes, it describes how we are motivated to initiate and begin the process of manifesting, and how we initially react to everything happening around us.  We start out balanced like an egg on the equinox, activate, and then scramble through the maze of our planets in consecutive degrees on the path to completion.

The House that Aries rules is generally a place in your life that requires independent actions, and you tend to fly solo.  You need a lot of freedom to do things your own way, and you may be more assertive when you feel blocked or face obstacles.  You take offense, defense, and go into battle in order to get your way or do what you want to do, especially if you feel angry, passionate, or deeply emotional about someone or something.

As the Sun moves into the time of Aries seeds get planted, flowers bloom, the energy is high and frisky, the days get longer, and we feel ready to take on something new.  Life is more spontaneous, and YOLO is our Aries motto for the month.  After leaving the fog of Pisces behind, you suddenly know exactly what you want, exactly how to get it, and you can’t wait to go out and make it happen.

This year Mars, the ruler of the Sun in Aries, is in Taurus, so the energy is a bit more grounded if used constructively.  The mixture of Earth and Fire may allow you to not only start something new and move it forward fueled by all the other planets in fire signs in the sky, but also see it manifest in reality and completed at some point in the near future.  Challenge yourself to be brave, confrontational, and confident, take the Martian bull by the horns, and use the Solar ram to head butt and kick down any brick walls in order to blaze a new trail for yourself.

Venus Star Point in Aries Mar 25 – Relationships, Finances, and Values
When the Earth, Venus, and the Sun meet together in their orbits, they create a point of energy called the Venus Star Point, which happens every 9 months. Venus is reborn, this time around in the sign of Aries, and after the conjunction, she rises ahead of the Sun to become a morning star rather than the bright beacon of light we currently see on the western horizon just after sunset.

Astrologer and Venus Star Point expert Arielle Gutman describes the Venus Star Point in Aries:  “With passionate activism, the Venus Star of Aries rides into our lives, sounding the horn, awakening the troops, rousing the masses, and calling forth action in a determined way.” She goes on to say that every Aries Star timeframe brings highly explosive events that rock our equilibrium, but it is also the time of super-heroes rising up.  These leaders respond to and confront the chaos and restore the peace, which will be what the world needs as the Aries Star activates.

If you want to know more about the Venus Star Point and how to use this unique approach to astrology, you can purchase Arielle’s Book using this link:  Venus Star Rising:  A New Cosmology for the 21st Century

New Moon in Aries Mar 27 – Set Intentions
This New Moon marks the official start of the astrological year, and it is a perfect time to set intentions to deal directly with situations that need attention or reignite some motivation under something you started but lost interest in. You can use this energy to take action, especially on short term goals in the area of life where this New Moon falls in your Natal Chart.

Be alert to communication you receive, because Mercury has reached his retrograde shadow degree at the time of this New Moon.  Between now and Apr 10th, when he starts moving backward for 24 days, you may get an idea of what your personal retrograde story will be, which will help you navigate the retrograde and use the energy positively.

Spring and Aries is a time for new beginnings, and if you want to be more independent or free yourself from situations, then now is the time to do so. Bravely and confidently face any conflict involved, put your needs first, take immediate action when you feel the urge, and break through any barriers to drive your life forward.  (Or, get an Aries friend to do it for you.)

Mercury to Taurus Mar 31 until Apr 20 – Communication and Intellect 
When Mercury moves into Taurus communications and thought processes shift into low gear and eventually into reverse when the retrograde begins on Apr 10th. This is another opportunity to watch and listen to what happens as he initially begins his journey in Taurus to catch the message of your personal Mercury retrograde story if you haven’t figured it out since the New Moon on the 27th.

This Mercury creates conversations that are deliberate, thoughtful, and practical, and how you say something is just as important as what you are saying. The mind uses all of your senses to process information and understand situations, and the intellectual energy is grounded and earthy, so use your common sense as your best guidance system.

Meeting settings should be tasteful and experiential in a way that allows participants to use their senses by seeing demonstrations, physically participating, and taking abstract concepts to some form of reality. Create simple agendas that deal with practical matters, and present topics that directly concern those involved, add value to the organization, or focus on money making ideas. Discussions move slowly and surely or follow a process, and there may be a tendency for yourself or others to stubbornly attach to opinions and ideas or stand firm in convictions, so it may be necessary to prod them along as you patiently take the necessary amount of time to get to a well-thought out direction or decision.

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