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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter – March 1 – 15, 2017

Venus in Aries Retrograde Mar 4 until Apr 15 – Relationships, Values, and Finances
Venus begins her journey backward and inward through the sign of Aries, to look for the girl she used to be, find someone she used to love, or connect with something that used to light her fire and passion. The energy feels like retreating, retrenching and refortifying to build strength for the forward journey back through Aries in mid-April.

This is a time when you may re-strategize a plan of attack and are open to changing the ways things are done, and you may feel like economizing your actions and efforts, reducing the amount of time you spend on something, cutting away duplication of efforts, or omitting a useless step in your own journey. The “re” prefix is applied to Venus ruled areas in the same way as when Mercury is retrograde: re-finance, re-vive a romance, re-invest in a relationship or asset, re-vise your values, or re-assess what you believe to be valuable in your life, etc.

When Mars goes retrograde, men get weird, and when Venus goes retrograde women get a little strange, and you may not recognize her in yourself or in the collective. Venus in Aries makes the feminine energy more aggressive, direct, and not as well-behaved or socially acceptable, and women take on the essence of the warrior and activist although somewhat more underground or in the trenches during the retrograde.

​​​​​​​If you manage the Aries energy well, then love and relationships become fun-loving, flirtatious, passionate, and energetic. You can show your love to others by being open and honest, participating in activities, taking risks, and being spontaneous. However, this Venus has to consciously control her impulses and keep her flame from turning into a forest fire, which can happen if disagreements escalate to arguments (or all out war), assertive empowerment turns to aggression, or anger moves to a whirling dervish of fury. If you are feeling this side of Venus, then there is some relief as she moves retrograde, but she could then come back with a vengeance, especially in regard to current events related to women, relationships, and financial situations and the areas in your life ruled by Aries or Venus.

Mars to Taurus Mar 9 until Apr 21 – Action, Male Energy, and Motivation
As Mars moves into Taurus it feels like a standoff between the male and female energies. Venus is in retreat and Mars is left to move forward without her wondering what she’ll do next, but unwilling, unable, or too stubborn to find out. He is looking back at her and thinking….What just happened?

Venus is in Mars’s sign and Mars is in Venus’s sign, so they are still connected, and they can help each other by stepping into each others energy. Venus is about what you want and Mars is about how you get it, so once you figure out your Venus retrograde story, you can use the Mars energy to manifest it in abundance. If you are conscious of what the planets are trying to achieve and can find common ground, then you may be able to use the fire and earth energy to create the foundation to launch something once Venus moves direct in mid-April.

Actions for Mars in Taurus are more considered, determined, and grounded, and you may feel like you are plodding along as you slowly and steadily work toward where you want to go. It takes a lot to get yourself and others worked up or angry (or off the couch for that matter), but when it happens, the bull starts huffing and puffing, stamping its hooves, and gets ready to charge the opposition.

The area in your chart ruled by Taurus is generally where you like to feel secure and to live the good life, or your efforts in this area allow you to do so, but it is also where you have the least amount of flexibility around how and what you do. For example: you may not be a stubborn person for the most part, but if you have Taurus on the 10th House of Career, those you work with may think that you are immovable once you are committed to a goal or idea, and they know to just let you lead them down the cow path and into the barn.

To use this energy positively, get up and go to a place that makes you feel connected to the abundance of life on Earth through nature, art, sensual experiences, romance. dancing or listening to music. The bull works hard and plays hard, and you may want to experience or do something that makes you feel rewarded for your achievements. Taurus uses all its senses, so stop to smell the roses, see the beauty around you and improve on it if you can, listen for the call of the wild, taste the sweetness of life, and feel the warm, spring breezes wrap you in their embrace… is good.

She’s imperfect but she tries
She is good but she lies
She is hard on herself
She is broken and won’t ask for help
She is messy but she’s kind
She is lonely most of the time
She is all of this mixed up
And baked in a beautiful pie
She is gone but she used to be mine
It’s not what I asked for
Sometimes life just slips in through a back door
And carves out a person
And makes you believe it’s all true
And now I’ve got you
And you’re not what I asked for
If I’m honest I know I would give it all back
For a chance to start over
And rewrite an ending or two
For the girl that I knew
-Sara Bareilles
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo Mar 12 – Manifest

The Virgo Full Moon wants to clean up the mess and imperfections of life, straighten out what is crooked, and return things to their rightful place. There is an anticipatory energy, because we know Spring is around the corner, and we feel the urge to get ready for the change, either literally or figuratively. After the Moon peaks at full it begins to wane, which combined with the Virgo energy makes this a time of releasing, so un-clutter and get your spring cleaning done, donate items to charity, and complete maintenance and repairs so that you can get out of the house or office to enjoy your free time when the weather turns warm and the flowers are blooming.

There is a strong connection between your emotional intuition and physical sensations within your body, which is one of the strengths of Virgo. You can use mind/body techniques and apply the releasing and purification energy to form new healthy habits or create the perfect plan to bring your all around health into balance, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Virgo is ok with delayed gratification, so it plants the seeds, patiently watches for the first signs of growth, and sees the benefit of fully nurturing what it wants to manifest.

The Sun in Pisces brings conscious awareness to the areas where you may need to forgive yourself or others for not being perfect and apply a more spiritual approach or take the high road, which is balanced by the Moon in Virgo, who instinctually wants to focus on healing and providing service in a more basic, grounded, and practical way. With this is mind, assess the areas of life where Virgo and the opposite sign Pisces rules your chart:

What parts of yourself have you disassociated from and need to bring back in order to feel whole? Where do you need help cleaning up and clearing out? How can you be kinder and less critical? Where are you too hard on yourself? Where would you like to give it all back and start over? How can helping yourself be of service to the greater good? Where can acceptance open the gate to what could be?

Engage your intuition, creativity, and imagination to direct yourself toward your focus area this month. Words have power, so if you want to rewrite your ending, now is the time to do so. Every day is an opportunity to start over even though we would sometimes like it to be from a different place than where we are standing now. Start with the person you knew before and use the wisdom you’ve gained to bring forth what you need in order to write the next chapter.

PS (especially for Virgos): Remember, it is ok to be a little messy or write with a broken crayon……that’s life.

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