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The Horoscope Newsletter Feb 1 – 15, 2017

Venus to Aries Feb 3 until Apr 2  – Relationships, Values, and Finances
When Venus is in Aries women are more aggressive, direct, and not as well-behaved or socially acceptable, so expect current events to get even more fired up.  If you manage the Aries energy well, then love and relationships become fun-loving, flirtatious, passionate, and energetic.  You can show your love to others by being open and honest, participating in activities, taking risks, and being spontaneous.

Venus in Aries has to consciously control her impulses and keep her flame from turning into a forest fire, which can happen if disagreements escalate to arguments (or all out war), assertive empowerment turns to aggression, or anger moves to a whirling dervish of fury.  If you are feeling this side of Venus, there will be some relief when she slows down and prepares for her Retrograde starting March 4th and ending April 15th.  She is already in her “shadow period,” which means that she will return to what is happening right now during her trip backwards, first in Aries and then in Pisces.  Watch for events happening related to women, relationships, and financial situations in the world and the areas in your life ruled by Aries, Pisces or Venus.  We will be dealing with these situations moving forward, then backward, and forward again for the next couple of months.

Valentines Day should be particularly feisty, because Mars and Venus are close together, which blends the male and female principles together, and the Moon and Jupiter are across the sky from them in the sign of Libra (relationships).  This combo adds some emotion (Moon) and indulgence (Jupiter) to the mix, just be careful not too take things too far, because Uranus is also a player in Aries, which can add some bolts of electricity that inspires you to either try some new, exciting, and potentially extreme activities with your lover or experience unexpected changes, situations, or events. This might be a good time to POP the question if you really want it to be a big surprise.  Overall, relationships feel refreshed, so put on that red dress, live in the moment, light some candles, and turn up the heat.

Jupiter in Libra Turns Retrograde Feb 6 until Jun 10 – Growth & Development
Jupiter is the first of the big planets to turn retrograde this year, which will begin to slow things down a bit.  You become more introspective related to your higher beliefs and integrate, refine, and improve the vision for your future that you’ve been working on since last Sep, related to the House in your Natal Chart where Jupiter is transiting.  Remember that Jupiter is currently ruled by Venus in Aries, who will also be moving backwards soon, which can add some sparks and fuel to the fire.  I think this dynamic may create a need to release things from your life that no longer align with your life philosophy or values, especially related to relationships.

The area of life ruled by Libra in your chart is a place where you naturally must partner with others and form relationships to be successful, and you find it easier to connect, relate, and integrate to accomplish your goals. While Jupiter is in this sign, new relationships may form and existing relationships can get stronger, but keep in mind the most important relationship you have is with yourself, so make sure you put yourself first, live with integrity, and provide yourself the growth experiences you need with the goal of gaining wisdom through teaching and learning moments.  Pay attention to what happens at the beginning of this shift to get an idea of what you need to process internally in order to continue expanding and developing externally when Jupiter turns direct in June.

Mercury to Aquarius Feb 7 until Feb 25 – Communications and Intellect
Mercury goes from earthy, practical, and hard working Capricorn into airy, unique, and quirky Aquarius for a quick visit.  Communication and thought processes are more unconventional, intellectual, and insightful, and intuition and logic combine to inspire your inner geek. Conversations are interesting and may contain some shocking revelations, and thinking is unbiased, inventive, and out of the box, which can be helpful in situations that require a new approach or a solution that has never been tried or thought of before.  The mind wants to be free, unprejudiced, and uncensored and prefers focusing on big problems with social impact or humanitarian objectives, and interactions are directed toward groups and charitable associations.

Meetings work well when an unusual or unexpected location is provided, the agenda is less task oriented and more thought provoking, and scientific, technical, futuristic, or metaphysical topics are highlighted. Recognize others for providing a different perspective, going against traditional ideas, or integrating new processes into long standing systems as well as working within a group while at the same time being willing to step outside of group think and peer pressure.  Although the energy is a bit detached and observational, others are willing to open their minds and at least consider thinking about things in a new and original manner, so you can more easily introduce processes, organizational changes, or technology solutions.  It may not be a good time to persuade others to your point of view, but it is a good time to allow them to come up with their own based on what they see, experience, and feel in their gut.

Eclipse of the Full Moon in Leo Feb 10 – Manifest
A Full Moon Eclipse brings the same opportunity to use the lunar cycle to manifest in the way you do every month, but there is added emphasis, force, and strength to the energy, as well as the possibility for abrupt endings and sudden new beginnings. If you have planets in your Natal Chart that are aspected by the eclipse, then it is particularly important for you, and the eclipse is active for about the next six months.

This Full Moon brings the opportunity to be recognized for your accomplishments, so if you have been intensely focused on changing something or striving toward a goal as part of a New You Resolution, give yourself some love and appreciation, especially if others don’t.  With the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, there is an opportunity to balance an individualistic, egocentric nature that wants to feel special and adored with the concerns of the collective and a desire to be of service.  Sometimes you need to be more selfish and put on a solo act in order to manifest what you want, and sometimes you need to join a group and combine efforts to get the support and strength you need to succeed as well as feel fulfilled by helping others in the process.

Which end of the spectrum are you on, and what can you do to bring more balance to your approach?

Leo comes from the heart, so be brave and authentic, and Aquarius comes from the head, so be thoughtful and curious in your efforts.  This is a creative, playful, and child-like Moon coupled with an innovative, mature-ish, and quirky Sun, so use this time to think outside of your normal parameters and apply a sense of fun and fresh perspective to manifesting new situations or improving your current world.

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