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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Feb 15 – 25, 2017

Sun to Pisces Feb 18 until Mar 20 – Your Main Mission

As the Sun moves into the time of Pisces we begin the final month of the astrological year, and you can use this time to dream a new dream, one that aligns with your higher purpose, allows you to express and use your personal creativity and spirituality to the best of your ability, and in the end creates a better version of yourself. There is a duality to Pisces, and you and others may be highly sensitive both positively and negatively; positively you can use your intuition, feelings, and gut reactions as your guidance system, and negatively, you can be overpowered by emotion and over-react in highly charged situations or not see them as clearly as you might like. Your powers of imagination are engaged as well this month, and there is a greater appreciation for beauty, art, and music, so go out and experience the creativity of others or start your own artsy project.

There is a tendency for less than prompt arrivals, forgetfulness, and what appears to be irresponsible behavior, so have more patience and flexibility and leave extra and unplanned time in your schedule. The Pisces energy can bring peace, healing, harmony, and a forgiveness cleanse to even the most difficult people and situations to clear up any areas that need it. You may feel more compassionate toward others or suddenly care about something very deeply, which drives you to get involved in humanitarian or community efforts or join activities that help make the world a better place. Be careful of committing to people or things that you would rather say no to or do at another time, because it is harder than usual to face conflict or feel like you’ve disappointed those who ask for your agreement or participation.

When you feel overwhelmed, disillusioned, or confused, and you need to make yourself feel better, escape from reality to the place in your Natal Chart that Pisces rules. If you feel vulnerable, be careful not to fall back on substances or addictive people and relationships, and reach out to like-minded supporters for assistance rather than suffering alone and in silence. Take the time to observe your sensitivities whether internal or external (or both), trust your feelings and emotions, stay in the flow, feel your way through things, and soften your approach to life.

Mercury to Pisces Feb 25 until Mar 13 – Communication and Intellect

When Mercury moves into Pisces communications and thought processes are more compassionate, imaginative, creative, and less direct. Conversations are deep, sometimes silent, but everyone is more in the mood to really listen to each other. The mind wants to dream a new dream, escape reality, and find the bigger possibilities by breaking through the usual boundaries and barriers. The intuitive energy is strong, so use your gut and physical sensations in your body as your guidance system.

Meeting settings should consider the environmental factors both positive and negative, because attendees will be sensitive to absorbing the energy they feel in a particular setting.  Discussions could go either way…..the group may be very talkative with lots of feedback, or they may say very little, so feel your way through and go with the flow of the group dynamic. Agendas should be simple with not too many objectives, and topics should be directed toward things that require a creative, open minded less linear approach without too many details, facts, and figures. There may be a tendency for yourself or others to say and do what is expected or what others want in the effort to make everyone feel comfortable and not offend or be hurtful through words or actions. Be willing to leave things open-ended rather than forcing a solution or plan, because you can figure it out for yourself once Mercury moves into Aries later in March.

Art by Navaho artist Bahe Whitethorne

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces Feb 26 – Set Intentions

In general, an eclipse brings the same opportunity to use the lunar cycle to set intentions in the way you do every month, but there is added emphasis, force, and strength to the energy as well as the possibility for abrupt endings and sudden new beginnings.  If you have planets in your Natal Chart that are aspected by the eclipse, then it is particularly important for you, and the eclipse is active for about the next six months.

According to Bernadette Brady’s book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, this eclipse this brings an element of the pleasant surprise, sudden happiness, a joyful event, or the lucky break or win.  The events that occur can be trusted and believed in, and they can positively change your life.

There is the opportunity to set intentions in the Pisces area of your Natal Chart, and use your soft skills such as compassion, intuition, perception, and belief in humanity to do something good in the world. You can see two sides of any situation, and you see the value and know there is a lot more than meets the eye to both positions. Just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it is good, and just because something looks bad, doesn’t mean it is all bad, and you can feel this more intensely during this Lunar Cycle and use your ability to feel your way under the surface to find the truth. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, you may just need to water the side you are on, and you may need to inspect your fences to determine where you should lower your defenses or where you should fortify your boundaries.

Pisces is nebulous and subtle, and you can access this part of your chart by using music, doing something creative that puts you in the flow, or spending time on a spiritual quest, but most importantly listen to your instincts, because you know on the deepest level where the changes need to be made. Accept situations as they are, good or bad, understand where you are reflecting, deflecting, or mirroring parts of yourself in the people and situations you are involved in, and open your mind and heart to feel more fully alive your life.

Pisces is the sign of peace and unconditional love, and this eclipse will hopefully move us toward more peace, love, and cooperation in our world, especially for those who are holding strong resistance to the opposing energies of hate, war, and destruction.  Pisces is about all of humanity….Indigenous Peoples, Immigrants, Refugees, and All Lives Matter. Pisces is also concerned with Planet Earth, especially the oceans and waterways, which are being threatened by nuclear disasters in Fukushima, overfishing, pipelines, factory farming, Monsanto insecticides, and global warming.  In addition to setting intentions for your personal life on this eclipse, I encourage you to set intentions and consider what you can do to personally get involved in saving our world and the resources we all depend on for the survival of our own species as well as many other species that are in danger of extinction.  The power is in the collective, and every personal action has an impact on the whole; we are all connected.

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