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The Horoscope Coach Newsletter Jan 15 – 31, 2017

Sun to Aquarius Jan 19 until Feb 18 – Your Main Mission

As the Sun moves into the time of Aquarius, you may feel the need to take a different approach to life and the projects you have in the works. Maybe the goals you put in place recently are not going to be accomplished if you take the same route you’ve always taken, and you need to change things up. With Mercury just moving forward and the new Aquarian energy, everything and everyone may seem a bit unusual, but that is the beauty of it, because when things don’t appear as they normally do, it forces you to look through a different lens. Group energy can be harnessed as a way to solve problems by brainstorming or to rallying behind a cause, especially if it is humanitarian or has social impact. Be unique, follow your own path, and be open to the electric flashes of brilliance that can occur as a result.

New Moon in Aquarius Jan 27 – Set Intentions
This is the first New Moon of the year, and it is a good time to connect in with your groups and understand how your unique individuality and that of others contributes to the whole. There’s a larger thing happening here, and you have a part in it! Due to Mercury Retrograde you may have started out with a slow roll of your new goals, and now that he has moved into new territory, we all have the opportunity for a redo related to what we may have thought we wanted to accomplish this year, or how we approach it. You can take a more objective, observant, or detached perspective to help you set more realistic intentions and use your intellect to logically put a plan in place to get there. You may want to introduce new technology into your life during this Lunar Cycle, or join a group that motivates you to move forward through a shared goal, and the progress you make is beneficial for everyone. The Aquarian House in your chart is where you want to be part of a team but still remain a unique individual, you don’t settle for anything considered normal or traditional, and you may be pretty stubborn about doing it any other way but your own.

Mars to Aries Jan 28 until Mar 9 – Action, Male Energy, and Motivation

As Mars moves into Aries, he is taking charge in a sign that he rules, and actions are more impulsive, aggressive, and militant.  Everything moves faster…time, anger, decisions, innovation, so look for ways to tap in to fresh, new ideas, do things that you’ve never done before and in ways you’ve never done before, and welcome spontaneous people and activities into your life.  You may start lots of things without actually finishing anything, but that’s ok.  When we get to March, you can decide what is of value and what you want to continue working on.

This is a time to stand up and take solo action and use the present moment to your advantage rather than relying on what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  I had a leader at Disney, who always said to pick your battles AND pick the right time fight your battles based on when others are open to solving the same issues or challenges.  Why spend your time trying to light the fire when you could be fanning the flames of the one that is already lit?  You get so much more accomplished with less frustration if there is already a spark or a battle in progress. Look for these types of opportunities, release pent up energy through physical motion, and take time to watch the fire burn.

“A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.”
– Muhammad Ali, A Snake/Highly Compatible with a Rooster

Chinese New Year Jan 28 – The Year of the Fire Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year!  It appears this New Year will bring an essence of continuing to lift the veil of darkness to see the truth and light.  Will you choose to stay in the dark hen house, go out in the yard and see the Sun rise, or fly the coop?  Those who do see the light have no choice but to acknowledge what they see; you can’t unsee it, but unlike the Rooster we all choose whether or not to crow or stay silent.  The Rooster wakes people up when he sees the light, and that may be your job at times this year. Roosters do things with a touch of style, so strut your stuff when you have something to show off, and crow when you feel inspired and joyful.  Why not?  Everyone else will be doing the same, and if you can’t beat them, scratch your line in the sand.

The Rooster is all attitude and greets the sunrise enthusiastically, and the more excited the Rooster gets, the louder it crows.  The fire energy gives us an added boost to rise and shine!  On a good day, Roosters rally the village around them and motivate a collaborative effort, and they celebrate diversity through their own unique approach and appearance.  Roosters are part of a family, so family values will play a strong role in the unfolding of the year, and you may feel like coming home to roost rather than being out in unfamiliar territory.  Who rules the roost in your family?  The usual pecking order may be disrupted as we see female and male roles change and gender identity blends more and more.  

Just as in Western Astrology, the symbolism can be represented by people in our society or personal lives, and I don’t have to tell you who “the Rooster in the room” might be.  On a bad day, Roosters like to be the center of attention, expect others to listen to their every word, and brag and boast about themselves and their accomplishments.  DJT is a Zodiac Dog, who is the enemy of the Rooster, which sounds like an old Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.  According to, dogs should work harder in order to gain more opportunities for development due to their mediocre luck in 2017, and it is wise for them to fully utilize their interpersonal relationships to make more friends from different industries so as to develop their own careers.  I think there has been a head start on this one.

There is an old Russian proverb, “If you are born lucky, even your Rooster will lay eggs.”

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